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Resources hewitt att my quick links It is the strategic partner that ensures sustainable growth, optimizes resources and improves the performance of your business by the RR consulting.HH., advice on management of coverage and benefit plans.

Our experience provides an optimal combination to develop strategies that will attract, select, retain, promote, and compensate employees in accordance with the objectives.
These services are designed to offer customers a differential value whose impact in your business is measurable. The range of solutions cover the following practices :

Compensation and talent we help our clients to balance the interests of its employees and its shareholders, to achieve business objectives, and to attract and retain key professionals using strategies, compensation and remuneration to employees. In this way, we align organizational strategies ranging from the goal of the business to the customer.

Retirement advice organizations to design, implement, communicate and manage retirement programs, aligned to corporate strategy and market trends to maximize financial results and the preparation of staff for the stage of retirement AT&T Benefits Center – Hewitt page. http resource hewitt com att.


Solutions in mergers and acquisitions (M & A) We support and ensure the implementation of the strategy of the business building organizational capabilities and adapting to change through initiatives aimed at people. At Aon Hewitt, we focus on assisting in the realization of the full potential in a transaction, either before, during and after that it is carried out.


Health and benefits Organizations invest a lot of resources in benefit plans. It is increasingly necessary to evaluate the competitiveness of these programs in terms of market, compliance with the cost efficiency, regulatory framework, offered perceived value versus real value.

Benefits brokerage employees

Risks of labour (RT) We have a team of professionals that guarantees efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery in case of labour accident system, raising quality standards and streamlining its management.

Life and personal accident Our professionals implement plans and develop coverage that enhance the management of the company to attract, retain and motivate staff. Design plans that include compulsory or optional collective or individual coverage.

Consulting and brokerage in health and wellness We advise the organizations manage and optimize the hiring of corporate health, occupational medicine and wellness programs for their employees.

Brokerage in benefits to employees. We collaborate in the assessment of the competitiveness of the benefits offered in terms of competitiveness in the market, regulatory compliance, efficiency of costs and real value offered versus most perceived through different tools. [banner_abajo]

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