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FOX Sports Midwest TV listings fox sports midwest plus dish network

Fox Sports Midwest is a regional network of American sports, which serves Eastern and Central Missouri, Central and Southern Illinois, Southern Indiana, Nebraska and Iowa that is operated as a subsidiary of Fox Sports networks. The channel is owned by Fox Cable Networks, a division of Fox Entertainment Group of 21st Century Fox unit fox sports midwest plus channel on dish .

FSN Midwest launched in November 1989 as Prime Sports Midwest as an affiliate of the Prime network. Originally seen primarily in Indiana, its cable coverage began to move westward in 1994. He joined Fox Sports Net and changed its name to the of Fox Sports Midwest on November 1, 1996, when Liberty Media sold the Prime Network News Corporation; then he scored again to Fox Sports Net Midwest in 1999 and FSN Midwest in 2004, before returning to the nickname of Fox Sports Midwest in 2008.

July 15, 2010, Fox Sports Midwest signed a new exclusive contract with the St. Louis Cardinals after the 2011 season, putting an end to the transmissions of the team in St. Louis NBC affiliate KSDK

what channel is fox sports midwest on dish network Dish Network 418 418-1 440-453 Note: Royals and Pacers games air 440-453
Note: Royals and Pacers games air

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American Sport channels
United States is one of the countries where there is great sport at the professional level. United States is recognized worldwide for the support given to athletes and by its large infrastructure and organization for sporting events.


The World Cup soccer in 1994 and the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 in which obtained the largest number of medals has developed in United States. In addition, sports tournaments locally as the NBA, NFL and MLB are of a very high standard and offer a great spectacle. North America is also regarded as the birthplace of extreme sports, and it is precisely in this country where every year are the extreme games (X Games) World Championship.

All these factors have made that most sports are televised in the United States. In this article we will talk about the channels of American sports.

ESPN is known as the worldwide leader in sports. This American sports channel you can see the most important sporting events in the United States. ESPN televisa core competencies at the professional level as the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, NHL, as well as other tournaments such as NASCAR, and international tournaments in tennis, golf and Olympic sports.

ESPN is channel responsible for transmitting all the years the Championship world of extreme sports (X-Games) ESPN broadcasts sports and sports news 24 hours, in several languages and has a signal in HD.

On the official website of ESPN, we can find more information regarding our interest sports. You can see interviews, summaries and schedules of upcoming meetings. By registering on the official site you can participate in contests for great prizes. For more information on this channel, visit the official website at www.espn.go.com


Fox Sports is another television channel transmitting American sports. In this channel, we can also see the majority of meetings of the major championships and professional competencies in the USA. This channel broadcasts sporting events 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Fox Sports programming in regards to sports in the USA is mostly focused on American football.

Fox Sports is one of the oldest transmitting NFL and is also the official rights to the transmission of the “Super Bowl”, which is considered to be one of the sporting events with greater public and advertisers in North America.

On the official website of Fox Sports we can find detailed information about the majority of encounters and most important tournaments in the United States. We can see videos, photos, interviews with the protagonists as well as see the schedules and results of the main games of the season. In addition, you can register and write comments about sports and participating in different contests to viewers. Fox Sports has a HD signal and several language versions.

If you want to know more details about this sports channel visit www.foxsports.com official website [banner_abajo]