Yaya han breast implants

Yaya have is a designer of costumes, has hot Yaya han breast implants model and cosplayer Chinese who traveled from all over the world and led to his talent and artistic taste in the clothing designs.

His hobby turned into a career, and for the past 12 years designed costumes and parts of fashion in States Unidos.Esta is a photo gallery is a sample of his work, much of it inspired by comic books and video games.

During the past 12 years Yaya has designed extravagant costumes in the United States. What started as a hobby has once again become a professional career.

Many of his works are inspired by comic books and video games. It is one of the people who helped cosplay transformed to an eco-art. Yaya have has very sexy curves that look spectacular in the clothing designs.

Yaya have who is of Chinese nationality is considered to be one of the best cosplayers, currently works as a model and designer, has attended many events around the world.

It is one of the greatest exponents of the cosplay, he has won important prizes and is guest of honor at many events both fashion and photography as well as anime Convention. His work is remarkable since she herself makes everything that made up their costumes: Couture, accessories, make props, apply makeup, models and designs.

Yaya han breast implants

WEB: yayahan.com

Yaya Han is hot cosplayer and model with Chinese ancestry. yaya han implants She impersonates often busty characters from video games and comics. It’s easy for her, with those incredible body measurements. Yaya not only has incredible breast size 36D, but her bust is also perfectly shaped. That’s because she has breast implants. Without them, her natural bra size would be much smaller.


Not only have knowledge of sewing at a very high level if not that she same works with Worbla and other thermoplastic materials to make their own armor and accessories, which she also paints. It is also noticeable that Yaya is one of the first people to do cosplay a business which sells its image but also his own creations.


Yaya Han was born in China, but currently lives in Marietta, Georgia near Atlanta. She’s a regular judge at various cosplay competitions. Han was starring on reality show King of the Nerds.

She belongs to the best cosplayers and already impersonated for example Felicia from DarkStalkers, Christie and Lei Fang from Dead or Alive, Ada Wong from Resident Evil, Lenne from Final fantasy X2, and many other comics divas. Most of her costumes reveal a lot from her gorgeous measurements, especially large breast size. She speaks fluently Chinese, German, and English.

Name: Yaya
Birthday: April 10
Zodiac sign: Aries
Chinese zodiac sign: Monkey
Country of origin: China
Languages: Fluent in Chinese, German and English, you know some Spanish, Latin and French
Occupation: Costume designer and model
Residence: Atlanta Georgia
Passions: Ancient cultures, music, art, theatre, cars, exotic dishes, fashion and photography.
Hobbies: drawing / painting, sewing, fashion and costume design, sing, read, travel, climbing, shopping…

Yaya is the detail that takes care of their costumes and, above all, that share the Making Of their fans. This may seem rather trivial at first glance but for me there is if not an incentive for the love that is what makes. Many other Cosplayers are photos of an amazing quality as, for example, the Korean cosplayer Tasha and her Cosplay of Kerrigan Zerg (Starcraft II). It is a costume that makes the mouth of surprise, dropping you amazing quality both the amazing resemblance with the character.

Yaya Han and was born in China, where he learned to sew and create their own costumes. He moved to United States, where he lives today, and, little by little, was devoted entirely to the world of modeling and the cosplay. Today, with 13 years of experience behind him, he already has more than 200 high quality cosplay and has attended more than 100 events all over the world. Their Cosplays to include the manga and anime as well as video games, comic books, science fiction and some other of his original costume. [banner_abajo]

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