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The investment advisor person or commonly known as financial advisor is the professional who helps discover the financial needs, analyzing his client’s past, present and future circumstances, taking into account age, their available assets, its tax rate, their professional and family situation, and the rest of investments that may have.

Once analyzed your risk profile and needs, the Advisory will conduct its investment recommendations, advising you according to their circumstances and needs are changing and adapting them to the current time.

I think that it is a professional who provides advice on investment and financial planning services to individuals, families, entrepreneurs, small businesses and companies. It helps the customer balance desired between revenues from investments, capital gains, and the acceptable level of risk through proper asset allocation.

Advisor client advisor client web login do

Using shares, bonds, investment funds and insurance products to meet the particular needs of each customer. Each person is a different world and is for this reason that the solution for one may not be the same for another, by not offer products canned but rather custom.


In many countries there is the habit of talking to a financial adviser, the uncertainty prevailing in the society, distrust in banks and in the economy make a professional of this type to be seen as a soothsayer or a magician.


In other countries is a profession registered and regulated in a similar way to which are producers of insurance. In the United States people have access to three types of professionals that accompany the growth of its capital:

  • Counter: the last Money Manager
  • Banker: responsible for this money
  • Financial Advisor: responsible for the money of the future

In that country, they have more than 75,000 advisors. There are 45,000 in the United Kingdom. His only goal is help their clients, families, plan their savings on the basis of their personal goals.

And among them are retirement, College for their children, their marriage plans or buy a House. All that is planned as a process over time. Because nobody will come to cover it, only what each one go saving throughout their life

A culture of saving is not created overnight overnight. We will need many years to make a significant part of the country realize that saving means planning, both saving itself, in what is going to keep the savings.

And this requires recourse to someone who has sufficient knowledge of planning of savings, from the reality of current and expected needs of each family, and the investment and revenue, choosing the most appropriate financial assets in every moment of the life cycle of the family (more or less risk / profitability / cash).

To be more clear with a financial advisor work, make a similarity between this and a doctor’s head, i.e. the professional who is personally committed to long term with the health of the patient and his/her family.

A doctor, the first time that we served, before we diagnose and recommend treatment makes us a first interview to learn about our history, chronic conditions, interests, problems, how is our family, what health problems were our fathers, etc. You can also provide us with analysis and complementary studies.

Once all the information available can make the diagnosis: for example, appendicitis. Then it indicates medication, recommend us a surgeon and will continue our evolution before and after the operation. After a while, there will be further consultations to find out how our operation evolves and how is our health.

The function of a financial advisor, is to do all these steps to get to know the financial health, in order to maintain it over time.

In the first interview question everything you need to know the person that is financially interview and need answers are answered correctly otherwise when it comes to recommend something, perhaps not what the customer really needs.

With all the information collected from the quotation study it together with a specialized in Finance Department, to make a diagnosis and submitted a proposal for savings and finance that believes that it is the best solution by which interpret data supplied in the previous meeting. [banner_abajo]