American airlines plane type 32b

The Airbus A321 has a total length of 146 meters, a cabin length of 113 meters, a maximum cabin width of 12 feet 1 inches, a wingspan of 111 feet and 11 inches and a height of 38 feet and 7 inches. The wheelbase of the aircraft measures 59 feet, and the runway is 25 feet and 11 inches. The aircraft has a typical number of seats, two classes of 185, the maximum seating capacity for the aircraft is 220. The highest retention volume is 1,828 meters in cubes.

Each traveler has its priorities, so it is possible to question the best place is the most comfortable, the quietest, the safest. Or the cheapest? Starting from the basis that choosing a seat is not easy, here are some questions to consider before doing so.

See what the aircraft is like

To make the best choice is essential to know the details of the interior of the aircraft, so it is highly recommended to visit SeatGuru, a website that allows you to enter the data of a flight or an airplane model and consult the plane of the cabin , seating arrangement, and even reading reviews from other travellers.

American airlines plane type 32b

The portal throws interesting information about the comfort of each seat, the extra space for the legs in case of having it, the entertainment, or if it has a socket or USB charger, among other questions. According to these variables determines which considers better and worse seats.

The difference between flying in economy class or doing it in business or first is obvious. In the latter, the comforts are greater, but we can not speak in all cases of ideal seats. As indicated at the beginning, in the election you should take into account your preferences or needs.

Guarantee your plane seat

the only way to guarantee a seat in the flight, according to your needs and without having to pay extra for it, is by making the check-in as soon as possible. To do this you can take advantage of the online check-in option that some airlines offer you today.If this option does not exist you must arrive in advance to the airport and make the row in the counter of the respective airline to register your presence in the flight, remember that the rest of passengers will do the same for what you must anticipate.

Aisle or window

You will find that when choosing a seat you will be presented with a number and a letter, the number helps you identify your seat-you can be in the front or towards the end of the aircraft-and the letter shows you the column in which it is , in some cases and depending on the size of the plane will be: window, middle and hallway.American airlines plane type 32b Aisle or window

If you are the one who goes to the bathroom constantly or you travel with children, your place is the hallway as you will be able to get out quickly and without bothering the other passengers. On the contrary if you choose the window is because you probably want to appreciate the view and take pictures. If you need three jobs together to travel with your partner and your child, or you need to take advantage of the flight time to talk business with a colleague, take the time to register as soon as possible, thus guaranteeing the availability of the seats you need and you can Meet your flight objectives.

The most important thing when choosing your seat

  1. Sitting in the seats located at the height of the wings offers greater stability, because at this point cross the longitudinal, transversal and vertical axes of the plane. If you’re not a fan of turbulence, this place is for you. Of course, the view through the window will be slightly overshadowed by the same wings.
  2. The seats next to the emergency exit usually offer more leg space, although some of them are not reclined. If you are one of the people who by their stature feel uncomfortable in almost any seat, this is a good option to give a rest to your feet.
  3. The window not only offers the view of the sky, it is also more comfortable to sleep, because you can lay your head against it. That’s why 60% of travelers usually request the window for any of their trips.
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