Andrea gail found by us navy

Andrea gail found by navy No one I know of or have heard of has found her yet and many have looked, and some are still looking. Her last Known position came as she was headed north east toward the Flemish Cap. Her position at that time was about 150 miles north west of the Titanic wreckage, However, via radio message we know the Andrea Gail continued on her heading toward the Flemish Cap for 2 more days and according to her sister ship she fished there. At minimum, this would have put her about 400 miles north east of the sunken Titanic was the andrea gail found.

The Flemish Cap BTW is an area of shallow water about 350 miles east of St. John’s, Newfoundland. The “cap” is actually an underwater plateau. The depth at the cap ranges from about 400 feet to about 2,000 feet vs the water south and south east reaching depths of over 12,000 feet. So, atop the Flemish Cap of course, would have made it the very worst place to be in such a storm.

The Titanic wreckage is 400 miles south west of the Flemish Cap in 12,600 feet deep water. It is most likely, the Andrea Gail would have been pushed off the Flemish Cap into the deeper water – or she would have been found – however, The Grand Banks is another area of shallow water as shallow as 100 feet to about 600 feet and if (in my opinion, she sank on the Grand Banks, she then would surely have been found.

I believe it is extremely unlikely the Andrea Gail would have sunk either on the Flemish Cap or the Grand Banks or she would have been found – as the depth of these water are easily attainable.

Therefore, my guess is the Andrea Gail is in very deep water east of the Flemish Cap or east or south of the Grand Banks. Either way, this would put her at about 300 miles away from the Titanic – so. . . if you call that “near” I guess it is – at least it is compared to the size of the North Atlantic.Andrea gail found by us navy

Professional hunters are now looking near Sable Island, as this is where some of the items off the Andrea Gail washed ashore – that is almost 500 miles from the Titanic – and I think they are wasting their time looking there.

A fishing boat was carrying ice at Cape Pond Ice, a place of sale of ice to the sea shore. Its owner, Scott Memhard, said: “it is very rare to have an ice machine on a boat. Ice machines are terribly difficult to maintain. The exception are the fishing boats of swordfish, which have ice machines because they sail very far and for a long time. The Andrea Gail had one.”

As you can read on the best-selling Sebastian Junger, a perfect storm, in which is based the movie starring George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg, the Andrea Gail ice machine broke leaving his crew in situation of save that had fish and return home putting in the mouth of a storm or lose it all staying on the high seas until it to abate.

Andrea gail crew photos
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They chose to return home.

The Andrea Gail and its crew were never found, and nearly a decade of tragedy, they are still alive in the memory of the fishing village of Gloucester. They remain alive in people who knew the members of the crew and the commercial products that inevitably accompany a successful film. But now this is not a promotion of McDonald’s or Pepsi or have dolls of the crew of the boat, Billy Tyne, Bobby Shatford, Mike Moran, Dale Murphy, David Sullivan and Alfred Pierre.

At Cape Pond Ice, for example, are selling t-shirts that say Cape Pond Ice: The Coolest Guys Around (the types most piolas there). The demand is large because the public saw Bugsy Moran (played by John Hawkes) using one in the film. The owner says that it now has more money in stock of t-shirts that on ice, as well as divers with hood and baseball caps. And consider incorporating underpants.

The center of interest of the public and the media in a perfect storm is not Cape Pond Ice but the Crow “s Nest, a bar where the ship’s crew met. In the film it is at the foot of the pier where the Andrea Gail is moored, but in reality it is a hundred feet away. Its interior is equal to the description of the book and the film (although it was filmed in a Studio): a rectangular bar, pool table, TV sets, many ‘atmosphere’. Only changed the walls: before the boys who died were decorated with some photos of local fishermen, among them. Now, apart from them, there are photos of the members of the cast.Andrea gail found by us navy recreation

“It is what people want to see,” says Gregg Sousa, owner of the bar since 1984. “People want to talk to me and if it is full, I have no time; you look at the photos and I explain to them. If it is not full, I give you what I call the dime tour.”

That and the Crow t-shirts “s Nest are as far as that Sousa is willing to earn money with the film. It is true that activity increased, but it is not nor closely as it was while he was filming. Mary Anne Shatford, sister of Bobby and wife of Sousa, is the person most directly affected by the advertising and the commotion surrounding the film. His mother, Ethel, attended the Crow “s Nest for years and was as a non-official mother to many of the fishermen of the area. All parties sent letters and e-mails of condolence to Ethel by what happened to his son, not knowing that she died in October of 99.

“People are respectful with what happened”, said Shatford in relation to traders of Gloucester. “I think that if their business improved, it is good. We no longer have strong industries, being as it is the fishing industry. Part of the money goes to grants.”

True story of andrea gail

Shatford refers to the Perfect Storm Foundation, created by to help the children of fishermen to explore other means of life away from fishing. Sells its products close to the Crow “s Nest, and also a web site:

According to the locals, Hollywood behaved very well with Gloucester. Nobody in the city had the illusion that the characters look like to the real life, but with the exception of Sully Sullivan, Member of the crew that was not as belligerent as he describes it in the cinema, the film was not far removed from reality. Shatford says that his brother Bobby was more reserved what Wahlberg appears in the film. Richard Haworth, who was captain of the Andrea Gail during eight years, says Tyne was a captain harder than Clooney, more drastic’s character. It would not have done a vote to return, as does Clooney in the movie.

Some people disagreed with the way they were handled deaths in the pan size, showing Bobby abandoned in the middle of the sea. Mary Shatford not felt as well: “for me it was better to see it that way to see it drowning. And he didn’t seem frightened. I liked that it had a kind of peace to what was coming. See it can calm the spirit”.

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