Big east conference expansion rumors 2015

Big Ten sought an expansion latest on big east expansion It has dominated the College football headlines during this spring. After jumping to the fore a handful of candidates, information will have been freezing gradually after official statements which spoke of remoteness of the realignment of divisions. But, again, the oven of the divisions has become when came reports of Texas that the Pac-10 is willing to maintain an offensive to expand 4-6 teams, all of them in the Big 12, something already mentioned seasons ago.

We are trying to solve the complicated puzzle of resets that tries the NCAA big east basketball expansion rumors to attract more public, get better television contracts and putting more money; the competitiveness between the conferences remains in the background.

The NBA is a great company that never stops. Always looking for new ideas and options, one of which is almost always on the table is to expand to more markets in USA big east expansion .

In addition, since the Sonics became Thunder and departed Seattle, is that feeling of the NBA owes a franchise to Seattle. It sounds whenever there are rumors of transfer of some of the existing ones, but never reach anything. The same expansion is the solution.

While Adam Silver repeats again and again not raised right now make this expansion, if there have been meetings on the subject, putting on the table, plus the option of Seattle, of Louisville conference expansion rumors .

Surprisingly, this last, but j. Bruce Miller, known entrepreneur in Kentucky and close friend of the former Commissioner, David Stern, wants a new franchise there, since since the distant ABA with the Kentucky Colonels, there has not been a franchise of professional basketball in the area (do possible resurrection of that team?).

Miller has not hidden his intention in no time and says there is a chance that, in the new TV contract are 2 new franchises, Seattle, and other than it could be the previously mentioned in Louisville. Many factors, many issues that resolve before the NBA as the affair with Sterling… but with the new television contract, the option is real and exists.

Louisville is an exciting market for the NBA, economically and as a hobby, since their NCAA teams attract much public. Even they would already have to the Pavilion, the KFC Yum! Center where play the Louisville Cardinals, with a truly enormous capacity and a style similar to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, even in the sharing grounds with a hockey team.

Big east conference expansion rumors 2015

It is not or less closely, but if League and owners will predispose to it, it can happen.


If it is expanded this division, it should be towards the South to catch more television market as said the division Commissioner Jim Delany. There is no hurry for the term of the expansion as Delany said, will be from December when matching sights in the next 12-18 months: “can be 19 teams?”I hope that no. do 11? maybe”.


The Commissioner insisted that the main proceedings are not talks but if universities fit academically and in sports. In addition to the demographic factor and money that gives television, together with the coupling of the academic and athletic programs, the fact that a University be moved from Conference supposed to erase years of tradition in many cases and old rivalries with other teams, so many institutions are being initially reluctant to move.

The Big Ten is now composed of eleven teams, Penn State, Ohio State, Iowa (dominating absolute of the division and who does not see the expansion with bad eyes), Wisconsin, Northwestern, Michigan State, Purdue, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan and Indiana.

Candidates to reach the division are Rutgers, which would bring the New York market, as well as Syracuse and Connecticut, all of the Big East, Notre Dame that would preserve its independence from Conference in football, Missouri which has ensured that he will not leave the Big 12, Nebraska that same Conference, and Maryland, which has been said very little. Nebraska and Missouri, the Big 12 has given deadline on Friday, June 11 to say if they agree with their current Conference or have ideas of moving.

They are placed in ‘stealing’ equipment to the Big 12, and that recently both divisions met to make a venture in television agreements. The Pac-10 is made by Oregon, Arizona, Oregon State, Arizona State, Washington, Washington State, UCLA, California, USC and Stanford. Great candidate all is Texas (has also spoken to the Big Ten).

the Longhorns are a very succulent business with an athletic budget of $137 million a year and if Nebraska, Missouri and Colorado decide to blow the Big 12 leaving it, Texas is free agent and remember that they were members of the SEC for twenty years. Big Ten, SEC and Pac-10, not missing brides to the Longhorns. [banner_abajo]