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The University of Tampa is a private institution established in 1933 and located in Tampa, Florida. Sign up for about 5 thousand 800 students. Minors and pre-professional offers several specializations, programs through its colleges: College of business John H. Sykes College of Arts and letters, College of natural sciences and health, and school of social sciences mathematics and education. Available postgraduate titles are master’s degree in education, education, and business administration; and a master of science in accounting, finance, Marketing, nursing and management of innovation.

My ut email login
Web Based E-Mail (OWA) – for Faculty and Staff
UT Faculty and Staff can check their messages from anywhere in the world via the Internet by using Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA). Using OWA eliminates the need to set mail preferences and profiles when using a computer other than your own.

Login to Outlook Web Access

To use OWA you must have:

  • A UT E-Mail address. The University of Tampa provides E-Mail addresses for all faculty and staff. UT E-Mail addresses are in this format: [email protected] (typically first initial last name). If you do not know your UT E-Mail address, call the Help Desk at (813) 253-6293 or x6293 from on campus.
  • A computer with Internet access and Internet browser software.
    You can find your UT E-Mail address by logging into SpartanWeb:
  • Click on the link “Personal Info” (next to your name)
  • Click on the “Biographical Info” tab that appears in the “My Info” section
  • Scroll down to the “Other Addresses” section (If your UT E-Mail address has been created it will appear here)

To access OWA:

  • Double click your browser icon (i.e. Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.).
  • Type in the address (or location) box. This will bring up the Microsoft Outlook Web Screen.
  • Enter your UT e-mail account username (i.e., jdoe excluding in the login box and either hit the Enter key or click on the “click here” link. This will prompt you for your password. Remember, passwords are case sensitive.
  • At the Outlook Screen, click on the Check Mail icon to check for mail. Please note: OWA will not download e-mail to the computer you are using, all E-Mail remains on the server.
  • Has your mailbox exceeded its limit? Learn how to delete messages.
  • Remember to LOG OFF (lower left hand corner of screen) when finished and close your browser.

For more assistance, see Using Outlook Web Access (PDF) or contact the Help Desk at (813) 253-6293 or ext. 6293 from on campus.


200 in four schools academic programs: School of Arts and letters, school of social sciences, school of health and natural sciences and the school of administration of enterprises Sykes.


At the University of Tampa, you will achieve an education that extends far beyond the classroom. The number of students per classroom is small (usually 21 students) which will allow you to work hand in hand with your teachers (Ph.d.). Work with them in laboratories and in the field of research, which will give you an experience of top quality useful for your future career. You will have the opportunity to work in large companies, medical centers, and research centers that emphasize practical and real world learning. The honors program, the leadership program and the program of orientation at the University (Gateways), will help you to explore your own talents and interests.

The University of Tampa is committed to educate and prepare students for the demands of the 21st century. There is a diversity of students (representing 50 States and 130 countries) which creates a dynamic environment in which to live and learn. The study of languages, studies abroad, talks of international guests, world content courses, participation in the Harvard of the United Nations model and drills in the courses of international content, are just some of the many ways that connects you with people from around the world and other cultures.

The University of Tampa is located in a privileged location next to the River, just a few minutes from the center of the city of Tampa. From the bright Plant Hall minarets, which are the national symbol and historical city of Tampa, to $350 million of dollars spent on new facilities, the enclosure shown live with activities. Many buildings are new or have been renovated recently, including new bedrooms, centers of students, gym, classrooms, science labs, art studios, the building of the Faculty of business (Sykes), marine sciences and many more station.

There are few cities in the world that can compete with the location of Tampa and its future. Tampa is one of the cities of faster growth in the United States and has been described as one of the best cities “in America to live and work.” In few minutes, you can find, throughout the year, shows, sports, restaurants, museums and world-class beaches. Students benefit from the economy of the city, obtaining positions of learning – and internal private – and job opportunities. [banner_abajo]

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