NBA Commentators Salary

Basketball NBA commentators are experts who offer opinions and analysis of the National Association of basketball in a wide variety of media. Leading commentators are usually found in the television coverage of the League, in national and regional broadcasts that cover each of the League’s 30 franchises. The role requires an extensive knowledge of the game, its rules and history. Many of them are former players.

NBA commentator Salary
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States, the sportscasters with spectators as covering professional sports like the NBA earned an average salary of US$ 79.050 in 2010. According to the BLS, mass sports constitute a twentieth part of a percentage of all the positions of the radio and television ads in the United States, a figure that reflects the uniqueness of these roles.

NBA Commentators Salary

While some commentators of the NBA are communication professionals with experience in the analysis of sports, the vast majority comes from the ranks of the Alumni of the NBA, including former players and coaches.


An NBA analyst is a sports announcer specializing in the comment of basketball, usually in a sports on NESN or ESPN cable network. Because there are relatively few jobs and that they tend to be high-profile, you must meet certain requirements in order to compete for a job as an NBA analyst.


Players and coaches that are commentators nba sports announcer salaries
A common practice for large broadcasters of radio is hire former players from the NBA and coaches to serve as commentators of their broadcasts.

Former NBA professionals offer an in-depth look at the League and professionals that transmit conventional sports perceive themselves as less likely to be offered.

Former players who were broadcasters were Isiah Thomas, Bill Walton, Mark Jackson, Charles Barkley and Jayson Williams. As Jeff Van Gundy NBA coaches have also left his place on the bench to join a network of commentators, as it did in 2007. Former players can earn as much as US$ 750,000 per year.

Commentators outside television NBA game commentators salary
There are many lower profile of the NBA commentators who offer coverage of the League through print media, the Internet and blogs journalism. These positions may range from amateurs to the mainstream media columnists sports such as Yahoo!, ESPN and Sports Illustrated. Within this scope of analysis of NBA profits vary greatly by the experience and exposure, and can range from US$ 20.180 more than US$ 77.480.

NBA commentators salary Relevant education and experience
Individuals who are interested in becoming an NBA analyst can be achieved through the acquisition of experience at the college level, in the transmission of sports and media. Practices that offer the opportunity of covering the sport at school or university level can also go a long way in strengthening the resume of possible candidates. [banner_abajo]

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