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Penn Foster login page career school is a professional institution accredited by the Accreditation Commission of the Council’s training and distance education offers certificate programs and diplomas in business online in various areas.

Program areas include the Assistant accounting, administration, management of bed and breakfasts, accounting, business management, business management of hotels and restaurants, human resources, marketing, Internet, public relations and small business management. The Penn Foster career school distance is designed so that students set their own schedules.

The school offers physical learning materials students sent to your home, as well as online conferences and educational resources available via the Internet. Students have the flexibility to log and learn when and where they want

Penn foster login page student

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The Penn Foster program is authorized by the State Committee of accredited private schools in Pennsylvania. All Pennsylvania middle level schools require a state license. Both the license and accreditation are used to provide a third-party review and acceptance of a secondary education curriculum, stating that students will graduate with the expected qualifications of graduate middle level students.


Penn Foster intermediate school offers adults lacking a diploma of middle level the opportunity to obtain it through distance education.

Penn Foster school also offers the opportunity to educate your children in the comfort of your home through the diploma program of medium level. It has many verifiable and credentials registration license, this makes his intermediate diploma accepted and recognized by many institutions of higher education.

The key to using the diploma Penn Foster to get admission to the University are a good academic performance at the same time that is involved in many extra school activities during high school.

Penn Foster accreditation
The Commission on schools of secondary education of media States credited the school program Penn Foster located in Scanton, Pennsylvania, this according to the web site of the Commission.

Accreditation extends to diploma level middle and all courses without grade curriculum and after school programs. The initial date of this accreditation was in 2002.

Penn Foster school is also accredited by the Commission on accreditation for distance education and Training Council (DETC for its acronym in English), which is recognized by the United States Department of education as the national institution for accreditation.

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It takes into account that this accreditation is not important in the level medium, but is for the degrees offered by Penn Foster. [banner_abajo]

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