Tamartag log in

TamarTag Log in is the name of the Electronic Toll Collection system at the Tamar Bridge and Torpoint Ferry crossings. The system uses safe, secure and reliable communications technology to perform an electronic monetary transaction between a vehicle passing through one of the toll facilities and the toll operator.

Built between 1959 and 1961, it is a road bridge located in Saltash, in the vicinity of the Royal Albert Bridge of the famous engineer Isambard Kingdon Brunel. It consists of a steel lattice girder that supports a concrete board; All of this is hanging from a cable supported by simple towers. The total length is 563 m, with a central span of 335 m.

In 2002, some lateral platforms were added to allow the crossing of the pedestrians on both sides of the board, and as a consequence it was necessary to add some suspenders to the previous structure. This solution was worthy of several prizes, since it was the first enlargement with corbels made in a suspension bridge. To do the work it was not necessary to suspend the traffic.

tamartag log in Tamar Bridge and Torpoint Ferry crossings
Photographs by Pedro Plasencia.

The Cleveland Bridge and engineering Company designed it, built it and managed its toll.

How to enter TamarTag Log in

The TamarTag is an Electronic Tolling system used by the Tamar Bridge and Torpoint Ferry (TBTF) river crossings To enter the system we must go to this link will show us the page of entry as shown in the image.TamarTag Log in
You must enter your Access data in case you do not remember you can retrieve your credentials Deberea call support indicated on the same page, if you have an account you can resgistrarse in the TamarTag system so that they can manage your tolls.

In February 2018, Tecsidel and “Tamar Bridge & Torpoint Ferry” sign the renovation of the current toll system on the Tamar Bridge and the ferry connecting Torpoint and Plymouth (United Kingdom).

Apps to avoid traffic

There are some recommendations to avoid bottlenecks, like trying to advance the time of return, but since there are so many movements, it is almost inevitable to coincide with other drivers who had the idea of stepping on the road in the Same time as us.

Waze In this application are the users who provide up-to-date information about jams, street cuts or dangers on the way, with the extra option of uploading a photograph. To avoid jams proposes the best route taking into account the traffic in real time, in addition to notify you of the best time to embark on the road.

  • Has voice navigation step by step; The route can be changed automatically if there is a mishap that can hinder the circulation
  • “Learn” frequent destinations to offer better routes depending on the traffic
  • Supports real-time monitoring of several Facebook friends to see when everyone approaches a common meeting point
  • The maps are constantly updated, so if a street is closed or changes its meaning, it will probably appear first in Waze than in other services

Bing Maps It is the perfect alternative if you want to enjoy the previous performance, but you use a phone with Windows operating system. In addition to the indications of routes and kilometers with which users of Google Maps, Bing Maps offers the images of the traffic cameras in real time. Bing Maps is a WEB mapping page created by Microsoft for its Bing finder, has satellite images and aerial images taken from four angles plus topographic maps with signposted points of interest. To cope with its big competitor, Google Earth, Bing Maps frequently updates its aerial images, more or less monthly.

Google Maps allows to memorize the sites that most frequent and download maps to be able to use them when you do not have a mobile data connection. When it comes to avoiding traffic jams, it offers three routes for each itinerary, precalculating the time of each route depending on the state of the road.

Google Maps Go
Google Maps Go
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

  • Step-by-step navigation to reach a destination with voice instructions, whether on foot, public transportation or by car
  • Storage in mobile internal memory of a limited number of zones per city
  • Real-time traffic information, represented by color lines on each avenue
  • Traffic report, accidents or obstruction by works in real time to avoid congested arteries

ViaMichelin prepares your traffic information from your maps and mobile GPS, and informs you in real time and by voice if you anticipate jams near our location. In addition, it recalculates the time according to the state of the roads and offers us alternative routes. It also includes community alerts. Among its extras, allows us to view the speed limit and warn if we exceed.

TomTomGo Mobile: The well-known brand of navigators and GPS for car also has its own mobile app. The main problem is that it is paid, and you have to subscribe to be able to use it throughout the year.

TomTom GO Navigation
TomTom GO Navigation
If we only want to use the free version, we will serve as a browser only for 75 kilometers per month, so if we use the car minimally, does not compensate. Yes, it offers detailed information on radar status, traffic situation, adverse weather.

RACC InfoTransit: also provides up-to-date state of the road information with the RACC warranty. It is available for both iPhone and Android.

RACC Asistencia
RACC Asistencia
Developer: RACC
Price: Free

The quality of the information provided by our traffic app is of vital interest. The more updated you are, and the more you fit the reality, the better for us. We will be able to know the state of the roads before and during the trip, to have information to the minute on the incidents that occur, and therefore to avoid them as much as possible.

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