University of alabama football stadium seating capacity

Alabama stadium capacity The largest college football stadiums As evidenced by the report of the favourite sports of the Americans, the College football moves masses of people historically. Despite its non professional label, the link of each Yankee with a university institution and the fervor that has sports makes College football a product more of the consumer society and a hobby of millions of Americans.


Then here find stadiums with a capacity superior to the NFL, as a region with their University ties pose a sometimes bigger market which can encompass a professional franchise.


OHIO STADIUM: 102.329 spectators
‘The Horseshoe’ was built in 1922, is a historic building since 1974. It is the third largest college Stadium and the seventh in the country (not counting racetracks).


It is famous because it has no lighting installations, so if the event reaches the night has to install a special system. It has become host to 105,000 spectators. It hosts only the parties of the Ohio State Buckeyes football program.


BRYANT-DENNY STADIUM: 101.821 spectators Alabama stadium seating
Built in 1929, it is the home of Alabama Crimson Tide. Originally named Denny Stadium in honor to a former President of the University of Alabama, in 1975 was added that of Bryant, the famous Crimson Tide coach for many years. With the renewal of the last years, the stadium exceeded 100.000 viewers barrier.


NEYLAND STADIUM: 102.455 spectators
Tennessee Volunteers House, is the fourth stage of college with more capacity across the country. Robert Neyland who accumulated a spectacular balance of 173 – 31-12 has the name of the coach for two decades.


The facilities have 79 years of history and have suffered 16 renovations.


MICHIGAN STADIUM: 109.901 spectators
It is known popularly known as ‘The Big House’, because normally it welcomes close to 110,000 spectators per game with a record of 113.000 in a meeting of 2010 assuming a record for the modern era. It is the largest of all United States Stadium (but not racing circuit).


It cost $950.00 when it was built in 1927, is home of the Michigan Wolverines, has recently been a hockey game assuming the Guinness Record of capacity for a hockey game, and the coming year will be played the first shock of the history of night between Michigan and Notre Dame.


Whenever is a ranking of the largest stadiums are data about his ability that trigger controversy. So this list not limp no leg, we have numbered the stadiums in America with greater capacity to accommodate spectators. This is how mythical stadiums like Cowboys Stadium – which can accommodate more than 111,000 people remain outside since it has only 80,000 seats on offer for regular matches.


Opened in 1924, an expansion of the facility in 2009 made it to reach the six-digit capacity. Until the construction of the Cowboy Stadium, was the stadium with more capacity from across Texas. It is one of the six arenas with more than 100,000 spectators in college football, it is logical for the football program more expensive from across the nation as the Texas Longhorns.


BEAVER STADIUM: 107.282 spectators
House of Penn State Nittany Lions. It has the name of a former Governor of Pennsylvania, recently, to add more history, has seen victory number 400 of Joe Paterno as head coach. It was built in 1960, making it something newer than others, but it is the second largest nationwide.


The 5 largest stadiums of the NFL

The NFL is full of huge stadiums; in fact the more “little” is the Chicago Bears, with capacity for more than 61 thousand spectators.

There are then several over 70 thousand and some of more than 80 thousand with the possibility of expanding.


These are the 5 buildings with greater capacity for the League:

  1. Fedex Field. The Redskins stadium is the largest of all the League, provided the Cowboys stadium is not expanded. Fedex Field can receive 85 thousand fans regularly. It was inaugurated in 1997.
  2. Metlife Stadium. The House shared by the Jets and Giants is a monster with ability to 82 thousand spectators. It is these properties whose facade changes color depending on the local computer, such as the Allianz Arena in Germany. The building will host the next Super Bowl.
  3. ATANDT Stadium. Cowboys stadium Debuts name and is usually is the third in terms of capacity, however, has the possibility of being expanded to 105 thousand spectators in the big events. Regularly, their capacity is 80,000.
  4. Sun Life Stadium. The Miami Dolphins Stadium is one of the largest. 80,120 spectators fit you and host to 5 has been Super Bowls.
  5. Sports Authority Field. It is the home of the Denver Broncos. Colloquially it is known as Mile High and holds 76,125 fans. It was opened in 2001 to replace the old Mile High Stadium, which ran from 1948 to 2001.


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