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To save time shopping in the supermarket, it is necessary to have available a complete list of items you will need. So, have a general balance in the pantry to see what is missing. Thus, you will avoid recourse to the bakery, where the products are usually more expensive. Always do your shopping ratio according to the weekly menu.


It is important to remember that the composition of the checklist prevents do impulse buying. Organize your ride inside the supermarket, your list should be organized by segments, such as: cleaning, grocery and grocery store, first buying the needed items. “


Search product prices in different locations and comparing. Identify items that are expensive and cheap. However, beware of the false economy. Sometimes the desire to buy the cheapest product bought a product that has a good performance and we end up spending more. It is the case of rice, beans and powder. 


Be sure to bring a calculator with you. You can register the prices and to assess how far you have to shop. Organize in the basket of essential items, with the help of the calculator you will know how much you have to purchase cleaning supplies. With this procedure, you avoid walking through all the shelves and buy what is unnecessary. 




Some women want to create the habit of saving money and others feel the need, but most often wonder how it is possible to take an expense here and another there to have a little extra money. Learn now how not leave more cash than you need and save at the supermarket, hairdresser and shopping area:


Open your eyes Look at the top to bottom gondolas. The products that are on the top shelf within reach of the eyes are the most expensive. But those who are in the last sound shelf usually the cheapest. Now it is important to emphasize that we should not compare the product costs a $ 1.00 to less than another. See how much you spend on this product throughout the month and a year. So just calculate what will be its economy over that period.


In the right place Buy foodstuff, such as rice, beans, flour, among others in the supermarket and buy fruits and vegetables at the fair. Option to purchase at supermarkets type Varejao where products are cheaper and also help the environment because it does not provide bags.


Periodicity The non perishable food must be purchased monthly. Have perishable products such as fruits, vegetables, meats and cold must be purchased weekly. However, if you live alone, items must be purchased a week.


Feed up before An important tip! Make purchases always after meals, studies indicate that housewives when they do the shopping hungry end up putting the cart unnecessary items. Leave home always well fed. Try not to take children because they will make you buy unnecessary products. Try to make purchases with confidence, because haste makes you buy products without assessing prices and, yet, buy useless and unnecessary items.


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