What is the most valuable marvel trading card

Most valuable marvel cards This consisted of a collection of cards featuring characters from Marvel comics. You could buy them where Pepsi is sold and had to Exchange caps of Pepsi to get products like collector most valuable marvel trading cards.

The cards are very colorful with art by various artists of Marvel Comics. But the best thing is that on the back of the card includes information about the character or event of the comic which is described and in a corner of the front cover of the comic. The collector is well solid and very nice but with a serious design fault; It tends to damage the tips of the cards, so it would be better to save them in another type of product.

Pepsi Cola (now PepsiCo) we present a promotion in conjunction with Marvel that, the humble view of the author has been one of the best that the soft drink has taken, hablamos de pepsi cards of marvel super heroes or better known as the first generation of pepsicards Marvel comics, where of course appeared the now famous avengerssoon we will also present an own compilation like this about pepsicards DC first generation.

Marvel Comics often equal or exceed those of their sporty cousins. The Marvel trading cards, either of the general variety of properties such as Spider-Man and the X-Men, have proven over time much more valuable than the carton in which they are printed.

There are three known variants of the Pepsi Cards, the first two were only distributed in Mexico in 1994 and the third was distributed in 1995 first in Puerto Rico and then by several Latin American countries

what’s the rarest marvel comic trading card

The last years of the 1980s and the early 1990s were turbulent times for collectors of trading cards. Hundreds of sets were produced as new companies entered the market and traditional publishers increased production to rise to the demands of the new collectors in the hobby.

A result of this frenzy in collecting was that the value of the majority of the sets produced in this period fell. While sets base the first years of the 1990s Marvel rarely they reached above the range of US$ 20 to US$ 45, many subsets, parallel sets and specialty cards have retained their value.

For example, the base set of 140 cards of Marvel Masterpieces, series 3 (Skybox/1994) is worth US$ 20, while the parallel set with Golden print is worth US$ 125.

Spider-Man, for example, has been a popular Marvel property since it appeared in his first comic book in 1960. Most of the base sets estelarizados for the popular climbing walls are in the range of US$ 10 to US$ 20, but specialty items such as autographed cards and file box of products as the film “Spider-Man 3” (Rittenhouse/2007) can be worth several hundred dollars. Many sets of trading cards of X-Men Marvel has authorized follow this same pattern.

most rare marvel cards These cards are the articles with the highest value in the hobby today. For example, a card autographed by Tobey Maguire (who played Spider-man in the movie franchise) is US$ 400. Schemes numbered by some of the most famous artists of Marvel can reach US$ 475.

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