Sportsdevil fix on kodi 2015

Sportsdevil fix has changed repository and will no longer update by itself. It is now called Digitel Sportsdevil not compatible add on This update came out this February of 2015 and is located in the Kaosbox repo. It has the same options as before, just switch locations. If you have this new repo it will auto update as well as Fix Mashup, Movies HD and Phoenix.


See how you can install SportsDevil the XBMC addon which allows you to watch live streaming of sports in addition to other perks it has. In another post published last week, there’s an explanation on how to watch FIFA world cup games via XBMC.


That post includes a quick guide on how to also install SportsDevil addon, yet it is far from being complete or exhaustive. This post will try to be a complete, short and simple tutorial on the subject, including installation on both versions 12 and 13, and also on TV media centers machines that has no built-in web browser.


SportsDevil is a video addon for live sports and highlights, blogs and TV. SportsDevil scrapes and resolves embedded streams from websites so that they can be played with xbmc.


Sadly, as of October 2014, maintenance of SportsDevil ceased so, whilst the addon still works, much of the links within it don’t.





The “NEW FIX” from February that is on the ” Kaosbox repo ” and 2000 other websites and blogs, even 200 videos on Youtube is still the same version as I made and updated in September 2014, so it’s not a fix.. Nor has the SportsDevil add-on name changed to Digitele Sports
As I have seen a lot of downloads and feedbacks about “Sports Devil / DigiTele Sports”, I am working on an update to add new scrapers.


Recently, however, It’s come to my attention that a trusted source is periodically updating Sportsdevil.

The addon itself is not updated, so will always show version, but some of its background/configuration settings are updated to fix some broken streams etc.


The updates come irregularly but from now on, when one is made available I’ll add it here and you can install it if you want to – just install direct from zip.


The link will take you to a dropbox folder containing any updated versions of Sportsdevil, as well as the last stable official release (v1.8.8.0), so if you ever install an update and are unhappy with it, you can return to that version.


Install SportsDevil on PC


This should work for both Kodi

  1. Download the following Zip file:
  2. Enter XBMC and go to: System >> Settings >> Add-ons >> Install from zip file, navigate into the folder where you’ve downloaded the zip (through the right pane menu) and select it to install.

Some of you may have noticed the XBMC addon SportsDevil not working correctly or at all. That is because some major changes have happened recently to provide faster updates to SportsDevil as time goes on. On the previous versions of the XBMC SportsDevil Addon it was a bit harder to issue updates and therefore things have slowly started to have problems within the addon. This new update is a breath of fresh air and is recommended to anyone who enjoys this great addon.





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