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Quest Diagnostics is the world’s leading provider of testing, hours for acl on liberty st in erie pa 06:30–17:30 Associated Clinical Laboratories ACL Liberty Street PSC information and diagnostic services that patients and doctors need to make better healthcare decisions.

With $5.5 billion in annual revenue, Quest Diagnostics offers broader access to the services of clinical trials through its national network of more than 30 regional laboratories, approximately 150 rapid-response laboratories and more than 2,000 service centers to the patient.

Quest Diagnostics is the leading provider of special tests, including genetic testing, and is a leader in routine medical tests, drugs of abuse testing and Anatomic Pathology testing. Through partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology and information technology. Quest Diagnostics provides support to help accelerate the development of acuity in health care and new treatments. Quest Diagnostics also is the leading provider of life insurance industry risk assessment services.

  1. Use the Quest Diagnostics PSC Locator and Appointment Scheduler to find an ACL Patient Service Center and schedule an appointment.Acl labs erie pa appointments
  2. Use the Quest Diagnostics Payment and Insurance Services to conveniently pay your ACL invoice or submit/update your insurance information online.Acl labs erie pa appointments Billing Services
  3. Testing A to Z: Get and stay healthy with the right information about conditions, tests and wellness.Acl labs erie pa appointments Health and Test Info


Do you need an appointment for blood work at Quest?

You don’t usually need appointments. It is recommended that you take a trial application form from your completed health care provider and a copy of your health insurance card to expedite the visit.

How Do you schedule blood work?

The patient service centers are busier first thing in the morning, as the patients who should fast for testing are usually arriving at that time. In general, after 10 a.m. the wait is lower.

Can I get my results from Quest diagnostics?

The HIPAA-compliant data privacy Rule (health Insurance Portability and Responsibility Act) allows patients to request access to their medical information. However, in some states the laws also prohibit clinical laboratories from divulging the results of laboratory tests directly to patients.

Can I apply for my own lab tests?

Patients may not order the tests on their own, but if you are interested in conducting a specific lab test, consult your health care provider as to whether the test is appropriate in your case and whether you can order the test (s) for you. To facilitate your enquiry, it may be helpful to have your health care provider take a printed copy of the brochure or page from our web site where the test was reported.

What types of tests does Quest diagnostics do?

Quest Diagnostics is the leading national provider of diagnostic testing, information and services. Our clinical laboratory testing services include: blood tests, body fluid tests, tissue pathologies and cytology, health screening and control tests, drug screening and testing, as well as genetic testing ( Genetic testing).

How do I locate a Patient service center where my sample can be collected?

Find a nearby Patient service center with our patient service Centers locator. For each branch address, schedules, telephone number, indications (map) and services provided are mentioned.

Do I have to fast before my sample is collected at a patient service center?

For some blood tests, it is necessary to fast before the specimen is removed. Contact your health care provider to determine your specific test requirements.

How long will I get the test results?

Depending on the test, most of them are performed and reported to the health care provider who ordered them within 24 hours after the sample was received for the test. Certain tests take several days and even weeks. The results are sent directly to the health care professional who ordered them.

Can Quest diagnostics help me interpret my results?

Your doctor will interpret the results of your lab tests (that is, determine your meaning) in conjunction with information about your medical history, physical examination, and the results of other tests, and provide advice, diagnosis, or Medical treatment. If you do not have a personal health care provider, you can contact the American Medical Association for information about health care providers in your area.

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