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Al Biesen was born in Lacrosse Wisconsin in 1918 and started building biesen custom guns spokane wa in the 1940’s. At the end of that decade he approached Jack O’Connor about restocking a rifle for him. Jack felt that the rifle was “too pretty” and requested he build another one.

This second rifle was a featherweight, pre-64 Design SEVENTY Winchester along with the today popular fleur-d-leis checkering design. Jack regarded as this rifle his or her preferred. Many of Jack’s articles and stories talked about his favorite Biesen rifle. O’Connor’s writings helped make Al Biesen one of the most famous gun makers in the world.

Al has done many custom rifles for people throughout the years. However, because of his advanced age he is no longer working.


Roger Biesen was born in Lacrosse Wisconsin and came to Spokane Washington when he was a small child. He spent 15 years as a machinist before choosing to join his father full-time creating custom guns.


When Roger first started, he took over the manufacturing of the grip caps and butt plates. Over the years Al taught Roger all the aspects of creating the finest custom guns. One of the lessons that Al taught him was to “always produce the very best and the work will speak for itself”. Roger knew the importance of maintaining the standard of excellence that comes with the Biesen reputation.


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biesen custom guns spokane wa

Now the rifles that Roger Biesen produces are considered some of the best in the world.


The addition of multiple parts to customize a rifle will increase the weight. Select two or three parts that you consider more necessary, to maintain the light rifle.


How to customize a rifle


Series rifles can be customized to benefit a specific owner. A hunter can customize a rifle by adding parts as an optical sight to see a goal from further. Military or civilians with rifles for self-defense may choose to add a front handle or a night vision sight to add a tactical advantage over an enemy or a dangerous intruder.


Customize a rifle can vary in price, from less than a hundred dollars to more than a thousand dollars, depending on the quality of the purchased parts. These steps for customizing benefit hunters as well as those interested in self-defense, by obtaining a distance and a better control of the rifle.


Determines which look going into the rifle. Hunting rifles typically use optical sights with a range of approximately 400 to 800 metres. Optical sights are available with adjustable or established distances.


Opt for an adjustable sight if you use the rifle for different types of hunting. Opt for a night vision sight if you prefer night hunting or if the safety after dark is a determining factor. Optical sights are usually cheaper than the sights of night vision, since they do not require electronic or a power supply.


Position the scope in the mounts, with the end of longer range oriented towards the muzzle of the Airgun. If the Watch has equal sides, you see through the end of the lens that has a pointer.

The lens of the front sight must be at a distance of two to four inches (5 to 10 cm) eye, depending on preference. It sets the sights to mounts, by turning the bolts or screws until snug in place.


Install a front handle to the rifle to have a more controlled shooting and less recoil. If placed in a personal defense rifle, fasten the front handle to the hand guard rail, and tightens the screws either side at the bottom of the handle, depending on the make and model of the part.


Screw the front handle to the bottom of the gun if there is no rail forearm. Some rifles have pre-drilled holes to put the complementary pieces. If you do not have pre-drilled holes, this type of rifle cannot withstand a front handle.


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