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iMediaShare Lite is an application with which you can send photos, Allshare cast iphone samsung videos and songs on your Android device to a HD television screen to them see or hear much more c mfortably when you’re accompanied. How many times wanted to teach a video two or three friends and you estorbabais each other to watch it calmly? With iMediaShare you can forget that.


It is possible to reproduce the contents of our mobile device on the TV. allshare cast for iphone We can connect it via cable or send the content wirelessly to do so or make use of applications able to connect with AirPlay, UPnP or DLNA-compatible devices.


iMediaShare is one of those applications, compatible with iOS and Android, which allows you to send content to any device that supports the protocols listed above wirelessly. Da like that is a TV, a multimedia hard disk, game console, etc…


IMediaShare app allows you to send content to your TV or other device provided it have internet connection. Now we only have to install the application and make sure that DLNA / UPnP options are enabled if they are not by default.


The application itself is responsible for discovering all devices that can send the contents of our smartphone or tablet.

From the photos, music or videos that you have stored so that we can see through online channels that includes.





There are two versions, a Lite (free) and other payment. The paid version removes ads as well as add channels in HD quality, video playback from YouTube and any file in mpeg format we have on other applications or the internet.
The operation is simple for all types of user and the reproduction of the contents does not suffer any jump or slowdown. Although it affects here if there are other devices consuming bandwidth. The only downside is that sometimes until it connects to the device takes a little.


The iMediaShare premium version includes many video channels online extra, completely eliminates the advertising of the application and gives you any other option, but to watch on big screen all videos and pictures on your Android, as well as multimedia content from Facebook and other platforms that you access from your phone or tabletwith the free version you have enough.


The application is not only compatible with television screens with access to the Internet also can sync your videos through XBox 360 and Play Station, among many other devices and players.


It works with all TVs Samsung with AllShare, LG, Sony Bravia, Philips, Panasonic and Toshiba. Also with Sony PlayStation 3 consoles, Xbox 360 as well as other devices like Apple TV, Blu-Ray by Sony or LG or WD TV Live, etc. As well as Onkyo, Denon audio players and many more devices.


A very complete and almost indispensable application on any mobile device. Now can both in our home as family members or friends show the photos we have done or any other content of our device with total simplicity. That Yes, before you buy the paid version if you are interested in testing the free.


If you are looking for a way to share all your videos, photos, music and more with your friends and family without having to fight to death for a piece of screen, send them with iMediaShare to your TV screen and you can see everything that you want in a much more comfortable and enjoyable way.


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