Att cell phone boosters for remote area

All users of phones or cellular data cards know how irritating that is an interrupted call. cell phone boosters for remote area Fortunately Wilson Electronics has the solution! Our antennas and cellular signal amplifiers leaders in the industry, allow you to initiate and maintain calls, increasing its cell phone signal in the home, at work and while traveling. Wilson Electronics keeps you connected!


Reasons for interrupted calls and slow data transmission


The distance to the nearest cell tower has the most important role in the limitation of cellular communications, especially in rural areas. The farther away is Tower weaker cell will be the signal.


Natural obstacles and buildings, hills att cell phone boosters for remote area , trees, valleys and buildings, all interfere with the quality of the cell signal from your phone or data card and cellular Tower.


Stucco and concrete used in the walls of houses, offices and other buildings blocking the senalescelulares, making a strong cell signal reception. You can be found relatively close to a cell tower unable to do a call due to obstructions.


For the people stranded in their vehicles and to the staff of the services of emergency, the inability to call cell can mean the difference between life and death.

Att cell phone boosters for remote area

For people who depend on a cell phone or a data card for doing business, not being able to communicate can affect its trade relations or the result of an important agreement.


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The solution: Amplify your cell phone signal with the Wilson Electronics products


From Wilson Electronics amplifiers phones eliminate the frustrations of interrupted calls, the limited scope and transmission slow data amplifying cell signals received and transmitted in buildings or vehicles.


With the best reputation in the industry, our antennas and bi-directional amplifiers are designed by an expert team of engineers, to detect and amplify weak signals that your cellular device could not receive and form simultaneously transmit a much stronger signal to the cell tower.


Products tests show that Wilson amplifiers are the leaders of the industry since they have:

  • High reception sensitivity. They receive cellular signals weak or distant.
  • Greater power output. They reach distant cell towers.
  • Microprocessor-controlled circuit. Patented technology that protects the cell towers.

The wide variety of products Wilson in individual packages or kits complete easy to connect and use custom installations, you

They offer quality and ensure that you have a reliable cellular communication in the work, at home or while traveling.


When travelling by land or by sea, Wilson Electronics keeps you connected!


Wilson Electronics manufactures powerful direct connection and wireless mobile amplifiers for all frequencies (Cellular, PCS, and Nextel/iDEN) carriers, as well as antennas high-gain magnetic, in mirror, glass and permanent mount. In an installation Wireless where physical connection between the cell phone and the signal is not needed, the outside antenna receives weak cellular signals and sends them to the amplifier.


The amplifier, powered by the power adapter, increases these signals and the It broadcasts to phones and data cards cell inside the vehicle through the indoor antenna.


The process is reversed and the amplified signals from the phone or cellular data card they are transmitted back to the cell tower.


Conventional wireless setup

  1. outdoor antenna
  2. MobilePro amplifier
  3. power adapter

Att cell phone boosters for remote area


Wilson Electronics offers a complete line of amplifiers and antennas of high performance that delivered you a powerful and reliable cell phone signal indoors. Wilson Electronics manufactures amplifiers and antennas of building to improve the

cell operating in a room, a House, a warehouse or a building multi-storey offices. A typical wireless system includes the antenna outside that detects weak cellular signals and sends them to the amplifier.


Energized through from a standard wall outlet of wall, the amplifier increases the signals and sends them to the indoor antenna, the enhanced signal which transmits to the phones and wireless data cards in the interiors. When the phone or card
of data transmitted, the process is reversed.


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