Pnc bank pathfinder employee login

Pnc bank pathfinder employee login We often talk about security when using products and services that we put at your disposal from the banking sector: cards, banking online, mobile applications or communications via sms or email… There are many options that you offer to make you more comfortable your daily financial life and access to your money. The star par excellence for this purpose is banking online, so it is worth making a new review of the security measures you must follow when using it. Three key words: computer, password, and access:

Pnc bank pathfinder employee login

Your computer:
Keep your operating system and your updated antivirus,
It is highly recommended to also install a firewall and a program anti-spyware, that offer extra protection against possible intrusions on our computer or that copied our passwords.
Change your password every so often. It is not necessary to do it every day, but every two or three months.



Your password:

Eye with passwords: do not use dates of birth, name and surname… dispose of your mind the typical 1234 or abcd. Not you to provide your password to anyone or leave them copied to a file on your computer. Just as you should not your PIN written on the side of your bank card nor you must leave targeted your password on a post-it stuck to your computer;).

Your banking password online should not be “typical” that you use for your mail or your profiles on social networks, we recommend be used exclusively only to banking online and which combine uppercase, lowercase, numbers and letters.

Access to banking online:

Before entering your password verifies that you are on the correct link, a padlock appears to the side and that begins with https:.
Never access your private area from public computers or your own computer connected to a network wi-fi you don’t control.
Always close the session in your private area when you are done make consultations or efforts that you need. Close the window without closing the session first is a practice of high risk.

If you still not followed any of these tips should do it now and remember: before any strange movement or suspect that someone may have entered in your computer or in your banking online customer-contact and change your password. [banner_abajo]

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