Macys mymacyscard pay bill

Macys mymacyscard pay bill Macy’s is one of the Department in United States stores. When you purchase at Macy’s you get a great selection of clothes, shoes, uniforms and much more at very affordable prices. Shopping at Macy’s is very easy and simple. In this guide we will explain how to buy at Macy’s. com and how you can save money by doing so.

Macys mymacyscard pay bill

When you purchase at Macy’s also receive a great warranty. If after receiving the item or after buying clothes online with this store like to return it (for any reason or motive), can take it to any Macy’s near where you live and will return you all of the money you paid. This is a great way to buy online, since it gives you the confidence that if you make a mistake, not going to lose money.



Macy’s prepaid debit card is issued for employees of the store as an alternative to cheques as payment. You can use the card to purchase and you will receive a credit each month by the total of your eligible discount as employed. Adds funds to the prepaid card you own as an addition to your deposit of regular pay.


It takes your Macy’s prepaid debit card to a cash register in the Macy’s store.

Tell the store cashier how much money you want to add to the card. Give the card that you slide it through the cash register so that the system can access your account.

Delivery a debit card or cash for the total amount that you wish to add to the Macy’s card to the cashier. The store will not accept charges to a credit card to add funds to a prepaid card.

Check the balance of your prepaid card at the cash register after the transaction receipt.

one-time payment
Pay your bill in minutes with our quick and easy service.

automatic payments
Set up a recurring monthly payment for hassle-free bill pay.

other ways to pay
Use cash, check, debit card or money order to pay your bill at any Macy’s store.

by phone
Please have your Macy’s account number and valid check from a U.S. bank on hand when you call. This is a free service.
Call 1-888-431-6229

by mail
Send your Macy’s payment including account number to:
Macy’s American Express┬«
Account Payments
PO Box 183084
Columbus, OH 43218-3084
Macy’s Payments
PO Box 183083
Columbus, OH 43218-3083 [banner_abajo]

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