How does aliexpress escrow work

Contrary to what many importers believe, fraud is a big problem when you buy on purchase. As a general rule, this site has a wide variety of products (many of them you can buy them in China) and receive them in your home, even with free shipping.

Because many countries have import arrangements with China (such as United States, Spain, Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina, Mexico and others), buy on is a great choice since it allows you to save money by importing and buying from China.

How does aliexpress escrow work

The problem #1 to buy on is that the vast majority of products on AliExpress is not certified. Why you must make sure that the products that you are interested in purchasing are certified.



How can you protect yourself when buying
AliExpress has implemented a service at your disposal to make your purchase much safer and punish sellers who have defaulted or been sold items that do not meet expectations. Follow these options to buy on AliExpress safely

Option 1: buy certified products
Certified products are the best products to buy in AliExpressy find them is a fairly simple and straightforward process.

In the results, you have to search vendors that have a certification of 5 stars or more. In this way you will know that they are legitimate sellers and have a good reputation with other buyers and that they are not scammers.

On the same page (to the right of the reputation of the seller will see (known in English as the Product Feedback) qualification. We recommend to buy products that have a rating of 5 stars (or 4 stars) at a minimum.

If you click on the “Feedback” button you can see some comments made by buyers on the products and what you can expect to receive the product.

Another way to buy on AliExpress secure is to get in touch with the seller and ask specific questions about the product, or ask you to send you additional photos. In this way you can make sure that the product is legitimate before you buy it.

Products that you buy on AliExpress
Another way to be sure and avoid fraud to buy on AliExpress is to prevent certain categories of products that our users have reported problems. These products are also cause delay and problems that in some cases they have had problems of import:

Products that you should avoid to buy on AliExpress: (mostly in European countries or in the United States)

Bags for women
Sports shoes
Brand watches

How to avoid fraud on AliExpress
Unfortunately there are unscrupulous vendors that promote fraud on AliExpress (like everywhere else in Internet shopping). However, there are ways to protect yourself.

You can avoid fraud on AliExpress by following these steps:

Check the reputation of the seller to get an idea of why some buyers they were disappointed with certain seller.
Check the qualification of products (feedback) seller to get an idea of what other buyers have said about the product you want to buy
Contact the seller and request to send you more pictures of the item.
Do not buy from suppliers or vendors without any order history.
Avoid providers who only have a few products on your store AliExpress.
Remember: If the price is too good to be true, probably is.
How to avoid receiving goods damaged on AliExpress
Even a good supplier mistakes and damaged items can happen even in the online giants such as Amazon and eBay stores.

In order to ensure the quality of the product, AliExpress has implemented a system that allows you to report any problem with your purchase until they pay the seller. The most common problems when purchasing products on AliExpress are:

The product arrives damaged or broken (due to handling during shipping)
You received the wrong product
Your buy on AliExpress is covered by your warranty. In the orders history page you’ll see that you can certify the State of a product until AliExpress pay the seller.

Follow these tips to avoid receiving damaged products to buy on AliExpress:

Buy only from reliable vendors
Check the qualification of the salesperson and the product before you buy
Ask your provider to use high quality packaging for shipping and transport (may have to pay an additional charge). [banner_abajo]

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