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Citrix swissport americas is a leader in mobile workspaces that unites virtualization services, www.?swissportamericas.?com mobility, networking and cloud to enable new ways of working better. Citrix solutions enable the enterprise mobility thanks to safe and personal workspaces which provide instant access to applications, desktops, data and communications on any device, on any network and cloud people.


This year, Citrix celebrates 25 years of innovation that makes it easier and more productive people. With annual revenues in 2013 USD 2.9 billion, Citrix solutions are used in more than 330,000 organizations and more than 100 million users worldwide.


Citrix and Microsoft have collaborated in the design of products over the years and has managed this product Citrix Access Essentials that allows you to work from anywhere and instantly access to your virtual workplace and corporate applications, whether Windows, web or SaaS, from any PC, Mac, netbook, tablet or smartphone.


Swissport International Ltd. provides services in land. Every year she attends around 118 million passengers and 3.5 million tons of cargo (the latter in 98 warehouses with a total area of more than 350,000 square meters) on behalf of some 650 client companies.


With its workforce of around 40,000 employees, Swissport is active at 181 airports in 37 countries on five continents, and has generated operating income consolidated by CHF 1.9 billion transactions.


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Swissport was appointed Global Aviation Ground Services Company 2012 and has been awarded as Handling Agent of the Year 2013.


Xen Desktop, which is responsible for publishing and managing previously commented VDI virtual desktops. It is another extra that improves the management of these desktops, that would be difficult to coordinate and manage complex environments.
In this last field, the competition VmWare also has much to say with the solution for management of VDI called Horizon.


What is Citrix Access Essentials?

Citrix is a North American company, which leads the virtualization of servers, connections, networking, software-as-service (SaaS) and cloud computing. It offers the possibility of generating jobs virtual workspace that allow access to distance, from any PC, Mac, iPad, smartphone or laptop computer, applications and jobs for a company with all the security and permissions.


Applications run on a server and data are stored in the cloud. Access Essentials provides secure access to these applications and centralized information. Between the server and access devices, travel only small amounts of data (mouse clicks, enters), significantly reducing the use of bandwidth, especially they access through telephone or wireless connections. Users see the desktop and software as usual, but all processes occur on the central server.

  • A single-server solution that runs on Microsoft Windows 2003
  • Integrated Microsoft and Citrix licenses
  • Sold in groups of five licenses up to 75 users
  • By identified user licenses


  • Provides access to information and applications for staff, suppliers, customers and partners in a controlled manner.
  • Quick, safe, easy and monitored from anywhere, at any time, from any device and through any connection, though should be poor.
  • Requires less time, effort and resources to implement, manage and update critical applications.
  • Better staff performance and satisfaction of customers, thanks to shorter response times.

Citrix is a virtualization platform that helps to manage and optimize all processes of virtualization based on Microsoft Windows or other operating systems, such as Linux.

On the one hand has a virtualization platform base called Xen Server, on which we can install all of our virtual servers. At this point it has a deadly opponent called VmWare and a not so deadly, but also danger Microsoft Hyper-V.