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Liberty University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. liberty online login portal This accreditation assures that Liberty has met high regulations and standards with its programs of university degrees, courses, faculty, administration, support and services for the student. Accreditation ensures that courses taken for a degree through Liberty University will be accepted in any institution recognized by the Department of education of the USA.

Liberty offers the lowest tuition fees than the best and recognized universities in the network. It offers financial aid for those who qualify, including the Pell Grant, loans, and other scholarships. Liberty also offers a variety of payment plan for students who sign up before the due dates.

In addition, there are many churches and organizations who receive discounts for the enrolment of students. Contact us at our office of admissions for more information. If you apply today, it deducted the cost of the application.

Liberty University is the first private University in the United States that offers academic programs fully credentialed, bilingual, and online.

Liberty university online student login portalIts format is flexible and convenient with virtual classes that allow our students, regardless of the place where they live, to continue with their jobs, have more time with their families and improve their quality of life.

How to enter liberty university online student login

  1. go to page :
  2. enter your login and password

We invite you to discover the reason of the because its bilingual program online is considered the first in the nation.

Liberty University is the seventh largest University in the country and the largest, private non-profit educator. With the same course offerings of quality residential classes offered by Liberty in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Why study with Liberty University?

Comfortable and flexible – in today’s accelerated world, e-learning allows you to continue your education along with their other responsibilities, because you study at your own pace, your schedule and in the Middle you choose.

Affordable – Liberty has remained true to its vision of offering one of the lowest enrollment rates between the most important universities of the country. In addition, Liberty offers a wide federal financial aid. Liberty has granted almost 500 million dollars of institutional aid in the last ten years.

Established – A difference of many virtual universities, Liberty University is built on a campus of more than 7,000 acres, and has 40 years of tradition. When you finish your studies, you can participate in graduation ceremonies held every may on the campus, in a beautiful city located in the center of the State of Virginia, called Lynchburg.

Support – Although Liberty has over 95,000 students are distributed throughout the country and around the world, never feel far from Liberty for all the support that we offer – both academic, technical and spiritual.

Graduation and retention – Liberty University is a leader in the industry in graduation rates and retention rates. Three of every four students return to Liberty to take courses each year and the majority become graduates of Liberty University.

Four steps to help financial Liberty University

Liberty has condensed the process of financial aid in four easy steps. Follow these steps to ensure you receive all the sources of the help you need.

  1. Complete your application for financial aid at is using your number of Personal identification (PIN) given by Federal aid for students. Liberty University Federal Code is (010392). You need to complete your FAFSA to be considered for financial aid at Liberty.
  2. Apply for scholarships, external financial aid, and Federal work-study program. For more information, visit financial aid, external scholarships, scholarships, Federal work-study program and other sources for external aid. Virginia residents should apply for Virginia
  3. How to apply for federal and private loans. Visit Tuition Assistance Grant.
  4. Access your ASIST account and complete your finance contract (FCI): once you have submitted all the required information and your financial aid is in your account.

Liberty University allows you to achieve their educational goals, while maintaining flexibility that only virtual classrooms can provide. As an institution fully accredited by SACS, Liberty has more than 300 programs online and residential certificates of studies, associate, bachelors, masters and doctorate. In addition, Liberty offers tuition costs lower among the best universities online.

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