Ping a cell phone location free

Cell phones must be, along with keys, identity documents and wallet, one of the objects that cause more concern to a possible theft or loss. There are different alternatives to avoid the evil drink does not find the device: the alternative to small call is one of the usual in such cases alternative.
However, in situations where equipment is lost and cannot remember if you left your phone at home, in the car or simply got lost on the way to the office, there are services that allow to locate the device, either a smartphone or tablet, thanks to geolocalisation offering tablets and phones with GPS capabilities and wireless connections to the Internet.

Android cell ping location

Android not offered series support this kind of mishaps so far, it has announced Android Device Manager (, which will be available for devices with Android 2.2, so other Android users who want to prevent right now should be used in external applications such as Cerberus or LookOut, which will enable us to track and block the terminal.
Google Play store already existed several third-party applications so that users can have an application to locate and delete a remote team. Samsung, for example, developed its own service, called DIVE, available from Addemas boasts of Knox, a security platform that seeks to compete with features similar to those offered by BlackBerry in growing mode BYOD (bring your own device) in corporate environments.
At the same time, there are also alternative options without cost as Prey, an open source system that supports the Administration not only phones, and tablets of various mobile platforms, but also supports computer.

Ping a cell phone location free


It is free to use for users who have up to three devices and/or ten reports.

Track an Android cell phone is easy and effective, if you know to choose the right application. Android phones are very popular today and the application to spy on cell phones is compatible with all of them, regardless of the brand or the company’s cellular service. Spy on an Android cell phone lets you review calls, see the list of calls, read text messages, locate the cell phone using GPS

APPLE IOS cell ping location
The alternative of the Cupertino company is called Find my iPhone, a service location and remote wipe of devices based on iOS, available both for your Smartphone player iPod touch and iPad tablet. Is based in iCloud service, and like many similar services, it allows to emit an audible alarm, send a message or delete all the contents of your computer.
MICROSOFT WINDOWS PHONE cell ping location
Windows Phone phones also have a service location and remote wipe of natively. The security system requires the use of a Microsoft account to access the site

Android applications to locate stolen phones

On occasion we talked of applications to locate stolen Android phones, but on this occasion we want to give an overview of the best that there is in the Market for this purpose. Some are more functional than others, some are cheap, others have a monthly cost… the most important thing, of course, is be protected against theft.
And that it should not be forgotten in our Android phone we have lots of data, our email, our agenda, sometimes access to critical information such as the number of our credit cards. It is important that if we suffer a theft or loss we are able to locate the phone, thanks to GPS, and lock it and even delete all of its contents remotely. There are many applications to perform this task and we are going to review the best.
Cerberus is an application that allows you to: locate the position of the phone; start an alarm on the device, even if it is silent; delete the internal memory and the SD remotely; hide the application on the device; lock the device with a code remotely; record audio from microphone; the list of the last calls sent and received; information about the network and operator to which the phone is connected. receive alerts if you enter a new SIM.
All this from an online application that allows you to perform these tasks from any Web browser. If the phone is not also connected to the Internet you can control via sms (and these messages are hidden, will not appear in the messaging application).
The application can try a week free, and then it costs three euros, payment only, no more fees. It is a pretty good solution and in fact that I am more convinced of the reviewed. Certainly a very good choice if we lose or rob us of the phone.
SeekDroid is a fairly inexpensive application to locate and control the phone remotely. It allows to locate the device; show the location on a map; throw an alarm with a personalized message; block device; receive the call list; delete the contents of the phone and the SD; hide the application; do not allow the removal of the application; know the phone number of the SIM. All control is made from a web page.
The only problem with this application is that the phone must have Internet connection, cannot be controlled by SMS. But on the other hand is pretty cheap, less than one euro. It is an option to consider because it offers many features at a very advantageous price.
PhoneLocator Pro is another very similar to the previous application. It has much power in terms of control via SMS, allowing to perform all actions without that the phone is connected to the Internet, of course these messages to appear on the application of SMS from the phone. PhoneLocator Pro allows you to locate your phone; lock your phone; lock your phone automatically before a change of SIM; erase all data remotely; list of entries and outgoing calls as well as the position from which have been made; alarm even when the phone is silent; receive information by sms or email of all the above.
The price of the app is two euros, it has two drawbacks: first, occupies enough, 1.7 MB, while other applications of the style are lighter; Second, there is a website in which the track, everything is through messages and emails.


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