Facebook device roku enter code

Facebook device roku enter code The Roku box is a device designed to bring Internet content to the TV. Provides access to dozens of podcasts (broadcast media), streaming (direct transmission) services and social media.

With box Roku can experience media on a television of big dimensions instead of a small computer screen. Roku has partnered with Facebook to offer limited access to the media through a terrestrial television tuner. Currently, you can only see the photos uploaded to Facebook by you and your friends, but this is ideal to present the photos in a social setting.

How to use Facebook on a Roku device



  1. Click the “Start” button on the remote for Roku to access the home screen.
  2. Go to the “Shop channel” icon that is located directly to the right of the “Settings” menu.
  3. Select channel “Photos of Facebook”.
  4. Read the information presented and select the button “Install”.
  5. Please enter your user name and password for Facebook using the keyboard provided on screen and click “Allow” when prompted to do so.
  6. Browse through the profile images of your friends with the left and right of the Roku remote control arrow keys.
  7. Press the button “Select” on the keyboard to select a photo album and use the left and right arrow keys to move through them.

Roku LT is an interesting purchase. Convert your traditional TV in a “Smart TV with plenty of free content of quality such as Crackle, Pandora, Cnn, Crunchyroll,. but to take advantage, it is interesting to take a payment like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video service, and if you are a lover of sport, some American League

Music, weather, news and other channels
Pandora. A kind of American Spotify. It works with related artists radios. It works very well and lists always put tops and related groups.
Spotify. You have to have the Premium version to use it.
Amazon Mp3. access your music in the cloud and music purchases from Amazon.
Tune in. Thousands of internet radios.
Weather and news: from CNN International BBC News to Fox News, the latter delayed.
Plex: to transmit content from your hard drive and access to streaming channels.

In sports we have exclusive channels of MBL, NHL, NBA, UFC. All are extra if we want to access live matches, repetitions, etc. Due to the strike of Hockey players, this year the NHL has started later and they have brought a fertilizer to the season by $40.

Facebook device roku enter code

The channel works very well, is super full. It allows you to watch live matches, by selecting local commentators or visitor. You can see the season delayed, and the best matches in the history for 50 years. You can also access to see it on your Smartphone, Tablet and computer with the same account. You also have extra content, see 4 games on the web, slow motion.

Movies and series

Netflix. The quintessential streaming channel. Netflix works with rate flat. There are 2 plans. The basic costing 7.99 dollars per month and allows you to view Netflix on 2 devices at once, including Tablet or Smartphone. The other plan cost 11.99 dollars and allows you to view Netflix in 4 devices at once.

Facebook device roku enter code

Already is what you are thinking. Make a one account, and share it with three friends or family members. Or for example your parents while watching a movie on Netflix on TV, you can watch another on your tablet in your room. In my case I have half the account with a family member. To register on Netflix, you have to put a US ZIP.

Hulu Plus. Channel similar to Netfliz which works for free with advertising if you see it from the web. If you want to have access to more content (and with less advertising) have to hire Hulu Plus and pay 7.99 dollars per month. It is more focused on series and emits many seasons on the air.

Amazon Video: it is the tougher competition from Netflix. With an annual subscription to Amazon Prime of 79 dollars, about 6.5 dollars a month, will have access to thousands of movies and series (similar to Netflix catalog), and in addition to the video store online (payment for the rental) for releases on DVD. It has very little subtitled content, although lately they are putting the batteries.

Voodoo: it is the video Club online at the world’s largest HD. You only pay for what you see. You can rent or buy. You have current releases and 60 years ago. Films, series and documentaries every year and genres. Impressive. You can access free pilot chapters exclusively, and occasionally a film premiere simultaneously “Carmina or crack” or “The Cosmonaut” type but greater budget and distribution. That Yes, rent a movie premiere simultaneous slope of 8 dollars in forward if we want to see it in high definition. All with subtitles is not. [banner_abajo]

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