Rampart high school colorado springs craft fair

Prepare for the exhibitions of crafts can be a difficult task, but if you put your equipment ready and plan it well, you’ll be more than ready to station with more chance of success. Here are tips for the before, during and after the fair. If you mention a couple of issues per week, will surprise you to see how fast that it take all along.
Rampart high school craft fair November 21, 2015 Large selection of unique HANDMADE ITEMS from 150 vendors – Delicious concession stand – FREE admission – no strollers please – Always one of the BEST craft fairs in town! Rampart Christmas Cupboard Craft Bazaar
Once the criteria have been evaluated for the fair, it is necessary to assess what is fair to best assist. Previously mentioned the different types of trade show that you can have and that allows to choose the most appropriate to our interests and business line.
In addition, it is important to seek information about the trade fair to be held, in catalogs, magazines, Internet or press. Also look for the opinion and experience of entrepreneurs who have participated in this fair before. If possible, visit the fair previously both to evaluate it to prepare properly.
Research on the capacity and experience of the organizing institution and the support they can provide to obtaining financing, if it is necessary in order to participate.
Another aspect to take into consideration, is the kind of infrastructure that can be found in the country or host municipality.
To sign up, it will be necessary for you to complete the form that the organizers have designed for that purpose. Make sure that along with the registration form be mailed to you the regulations of the fair and the contract, to review the previously before registering and make sure if you meet all the aspects listed in the same.

For many companies, fairs are the perfect space to meet clients, inquire thoroughly into the competition and strengthen its relationship with suppliers, especially for the B2B segment. However, it is surprising how little they are exploited as the powerful tool of marketing are. Sometimes it is more a space where “should be” because there is competition or because it brings together the main players in the sector, as a business tool.

Product choice and selection of samples You must define adequately what the product or service to be offered to potential customers at the fair. This will be reviewing the criteria previously defined target market, production capacity and the availability of product over, channels of marketing, price of their products.
Choice of the stand and design Discuss the general level of the fair before choosing the place where your booth will be located, and be sure to get a great location, in the same line of its products.
It is important to choose the places of greater movement of public, taking into account the hierarchy of neighbouring stands, because when it is high they ensure a good flow of visitors.
To attend a trade show, you will need to prepare in advance the technical equipment of the products that will be promoting, which should provide a detailed description of these products and their use. You must also have price lists, according to the different ranges of sales that will handle purchases or scenarios.
Your product technical material also becomes a promotional material that should arouse interest in the company and its products, so it must have a good quality as it will be reflected the image of your company and that may contribute to the prestige of the same. Cleaning of the format, the clarity of the photographs and a good composition are important points, to give a solid and organised image that inspires confidence. Brochures, catalogues and data sheets must have information in the language of the eventual buyer. The company must spare no effort in the preparation of these promotional items.
It is important that also carry the necessary documentation to take orders, purchase orders and books of invoices, which can be used in the place of destination for the turnover of the product led to the fair.
In terms of the presentation of the company, must be carried letters of presentation, a pamphlet or brochure with the company profile information such as the mission, vision, values, line of business, main lines of products, with years of experience. It is important to also be prepared with business cards, banking, commercial references or of the Trade Union to which belong. This information can be printed, carry on CD or videos.

Why are the fairs a powerful marketing tool?

  1. It is face to face with hundreds or thousands of potential customers
  2. You control the environment/stand (are in your court)
  3. Your prospect can assess against the competition and note its differential
  4. Generates contacts that had taken him a year ask for quotation
  5. More opportunities to educate and explain than any other medium
  6. Shoppers will spend more time small exhibitors than large ones to speak every week
The success of your participation in the fair depends on what as well you have prepared it and how much has promoted it. The rest is to be present with the correct tools.
Select carefully what participating. Not all fairs attract the same type of visitors or are designed for all types of provider. If possible, first come as a visitor.


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