Slogan maker that rhymes

Slogan maker that rhymes is one of the most powerful, because it helps to increase the levels of remembrance in the consumers and to differentiate yourself from the competition. Its origin comes from a Scottish Gaelic word meaning “war cry “. For a successful slogan you must be clear that it will represent a constant reminder of what your business does. The success of a slogan is seen when customers or prospects repeat it over and over again.

A good slogan should contain up to eight words, must clearly identify the product or service, and highlight the benefits that make it special. It is a phrase that captures, defines and synthesizes in a nutshell the conceptual idea of your product or service.

Companies have slogans for the same reason they have logos: advertising. While logos are visual representations of a brand, slogans are auditory representations. Both formats capture the attention of consumers more quickly than the name of a company or product. Besides, they’re easier to understand and remember.

What are the characteristics of a slogan?

  1. It’s easy to remember.
    Is the slogan quickly recognized? Will people remember it in a second or two? A short, catchy phrase can have a huge impact on advertisements, videos, posters, business cards, brands ‘ promotional products and other media.
  2. Distinguishes the brand.
    Does your soft beer have the best taste? Or maybe the least amount of calories? What makes your product or brand differ from the competition?
  3. It conveys positive feelings about the brand.
    The best advertising phrases contain positive and optimistic words, arouses positive feelings in the public.

The slogan classes and their differences

  1. Political slogan
    As its name says, it directly points to the world of power and public administration. “Make America Great again.”
  2. Ideological slogan
    The ideological slogan is similar to the political but speaks of what emanates from a people and not just from a leader. The “not one more”.
  3. Institutional slogan
    It refers to the efforts of public power institutions for the welfare of civil society: “If you take, do not drive.”
  4. Advertising slogan
    This is possibly the largest group. Advertising erases many limits on others because it allows for a multiplicity of brands, with multiplicity of messages, missions and goals.

Tips for creating a slogan

If your brand does not have a logo, you should do that first. A slogan works with a logo in order to promote the identity of the brand.

  1. Make a list of ideas
    The first step is to get a good number of words that define your business, your brand, or the products or services you sell. And to do that, the best practice is to make a list of ideas, think about what your business is, what products you sell on it, and what you would like to transmit to your customers.
  2. Select the best phrases
    When you have finished all the favorite words you choose, select only between 5 and 10 words to create your slogan. These terms will be the ones you’ll use in the next steps to form a memorable phrase for your venture.
  3. Integrate your slogan with your business logo
    You must make sure that those words you have chosen are in tune with the name of your business and the logo you have created.
  4. Create your slogan with the chosen words
    Make sure your slogan is a simple phrase that can be read well and do not confuse people, and above all, make it easy to remember. It is important to be as original as possible and to condense the essence of your brand or your business to attract a large number of customers.
  5. Revise and rectify your slogan if you need it
    When you have chosen the best slogan, I want in case you have to rectify something in it.

Read and respond with a yes or no to the following questions:

  • Is your slogan memorable? Is it easy to remember?
  • Does it adapt well to the logo and name of your brand or business?
  • Is it different from other slogans in your competition?

Best websites and programs to make logos free

There are currently a lot of tools that allow you to create a logo in a short time. Most are free, although others require a subscription to download and use.


GraphicSpringsIt is the program to create free logos Online more powerful that exists, because it has an excellent gallery of images and a lot of types of fonts. It also has a logo creator that allows you to make any personalization you want. In fact, GraphicSprings is like having an image editing tool on your own computer.

Wix Online Logo Maker

Wix Online Logo MakerThe Wix platform, as well as allowing you to create a free web or blog, also give you the possibility to use your new tool to create logos for free, you have to register on your site, but your design will include all the rights of commercial use and It will be completely customizable. For example, you can change fonts, colors, texts or whatever you want, so that the end result is perfectly tuned to the style of your business.


DesignManticIt is an online and totally free tool that guides you step by step so that, through your DIY logos manufacturer, you can create a graphic identity image for your company or organization in a very short time.
DesignMantic has an extensive gallery of images, as well as a wide variety of typographic fonts to make your creation truly extraordinary.

Logotype Maker

Logotype MakerThis is another tool to design a logo completely free of charge. Just include the name of the company or brand and click on Create Now and in less than a minute the program will create a great one. If you need to make a change or modification, it gives you the option to edit or make any modification.
Finally, you can download it to save it on your computer or store it in the cloud.


LogasterIn its field, Logaster is one of the most used programs, since you only have to add the name of the company or organization, choose the sector in which it develops its activity and in few moments Logaster generates several dozens of logos so that you choose the one that best suits your Tastes and interests. Finally, you only have to download it in the format you want. This program allows you to work with the most used image formats like JPG, PDF, SWP and PNG.

Instant Logo

Instant LogoIt is a very easy to access program thanks to its friendly and simple interface. With it you will be able to download hundreds of templates in illustrator format, and design and make reality the logo that you want for your company or trademark.

Logo Maker

logo makerIt is considered the best program to create an advanced logo without having knowledge of design. To use it you must register and create a user account, which allows you to later download for free the designs you create with the help of this tool. LogoMaker has a huge gallery of designs and a great library of fonts, which you can have free of charge.

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