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Electronic banking offers facilities to manage our bank accounts from anywhere and at anytime. Today we give you some simple tips to take advantage of this very useful tool safely.
All of us are more than accustomed to traditional banking and its operation, we know where is located the nearest to our House, the procedure used, many even know employees who work there… This closeness is one of the reasons that provides security and confidence when it comes to deposit our money in a traditional bank.
However, when it comes to managing our money in electronic banking, still there are people who have questions about their safety. The fact of carrying out all the operations in a way online and using new technologies are the reasons that make that some users may not have decided to use it.

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From here, we want to provide you with a few tracks very provide to help you into the world of banking safely online. For each of the actions that we usually perform in the traditional banking, there is another equivalent action in electronic banking, only we must get used to carry it out in a safe manner. Knowing how to use these media with security, can benefit from all the advantages that offers us with peace of mind and confidence.


If you are one of those who even dare to look at your balance, read these safety tips: you will overcome fear and enjoy the convenience of banking on your mobile phone. Increasingly more people carry their accounts in the Palm of the hand thanks to banking apps for mobile online. It is comfortable, fast and can be done at any time of the day, without queues or displacement.

But many give them fear: 70% of those who do not use mobile banking apps are concerned about security. So says a report by 2014 from the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States.
Do you want to know the truth? A few safety tips to follow operate via Internet with the official app of your bank is as safe or more to do it by phone or in person.

  • Periodically monitor our bank accounts online and verify that there are no accounts that have not given high or that there are movements that are not recognized.
  • If you have a device to generate dynamic keys for internet banking access, store it in a safe manner.
  • Directly type in the toolbar the address of the Bank that is client (your bank) and not accessed through hyperlinks.
  • Do not respond to emails or emerging sales (pop up) requesting personal or financial information. They also recommend not give ‘click’ on the link or links that appear on them.
  • By entering any personal information, ensure you are on a secure web server, which can be identified because the actions bar begins with https://.
  • If you make banking transactions in Internet cafes or in business centres, be sure to log off completely and delete all temporary files.
  • Disable in your browser “remember password”.
  • Avoid storing financial information (users, passwords, NIPs, estdos of account, etc.) on your personal computer.
  • Activate the notification service via cell or email offered by your bank, this way you can know any movement that is performed, such as: deposits, purchases with your credit or debit card, high’s account, change password, or any other operation in the accounts.
  • Try to have different passwords for each service, save, and not share them with anyone.
It connects to your Bank via secure networks
So your phone talk with your bank you need a secure connection to the Internet. When you connect via public WiFi networks, as airports or coffee shops, it is advisable to use apps that create “tunnels” that hide your connection, and prevent eavesdropping as well.
It uses the official app of your bank, not the web version
It is true, you can access your bank from the phone’s web browser, but is uncomfortable and can lead to security bugs, how to leave the session open. If your bank has an official app, it is best to use that instead of the mobile web version. And of course, remember to disconnect when you are done.
No stores bank details on your phone
The temptation to get a photo to the coordinates of your bank card or enter the passcode on the agenda of contacts is strong, but not silks: can get in serious trouble.
If in doubt, talk to your bank
Banks are interested in using their apps and that nobody steal your (their) money. If you call their customer support numbers, they will make possible to learn and to check the security of your account. And what did: are paying hefty commissions. So don’t hesitate, call your bank if you have questions about the safety of their apps.



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