Top 100 juco basketball players 2015

The Junior College (Community College) are universities in two years in which the student takes courses of common trunk. The University or four-year College are looking for student-athletes who have graduated from the Junior College to recruit them, since they are athletes tested in the United States with experience at the University level. It is more likely that the best universities of the country in their sport from recruiting to a prospect from a Junior College to one that does not have college experience.
When an athlete is transferred to a University or College in four years after Junior College, you don’t have to submit the sat or TOEFL exams again. In general, most of the materials of the Junior College are revalidated and continue the race starting from the 3rd year.
When one graduates from the University where it is transferred, receive his undergraduate degree from that institution as if it had entered since the 1st year. In other words, he studied at the University four years and which was transferred from a Junior College received exactly the same degree.
This is an excellent choice for athletes who do not know what they want to study or that do not pass the SAT, since it usually don’t ask this exam to enter a Junior College. If the level of English of a prospect is low, it also represents an excellent choice. In addition, the fitness level of the Junior College can be very high. It is common that the best collegiate players studied first at a JC.
There are families who choose this path in preference to four-year universities for economic reasons. While a four-year college can have a cost of $20,000 – $40,000 $ a year (without scholarship), a Junior College can cost between $10,000 to $ 12,000 a year (without scholarship).

Top 100 juco basketball players 2015

For families interested in less amount options, a Junior College is excellent choice because one can do the “common trunk” at a very low cost.


The proliferation of prep schools has perhaps diminished the notoriety of being an elite junior college basketball recruit. Still, there are plenty of high major programs that harvest the top prospects at the two-year level each recruiting cycle, and many junior college transfers will eventually be heard from in key times in March for the programs they pick.
The following list of 25 potential impact junior college players is alphabetical only, and no doubt not inclusive to many other potentially impactful prospects.


top 100 juco basketball players 2015

The 2015 junior-college season begins this week, and some familiar schools are expected to be squarely in the limelight. juco top 100 rankings

Rank Name Pos Location Stars Ht Wt School
#1 Jovon Robinson RB Milledgeville, GAGeorgia Military College 6’0″ 220 Auburn
#2 Alvin Kamara RB Hutchinson, KSHutchinson C.C. 5’11” 200 Tennessee
#3 Marquavius Lewis DE Hutchinson, KSHutchinson C.C. 6’4″ 270 South Carolina
#4 D.J. Jones DT Scooba, MSEast Mississippi C.C. 6’2″ 310 Mississippi
#5 De’Quan Hampton WR Long Beach, CALong Beach C.C. 6’4″ 220 USC
#6 Donald Gray ATH Wesson, MSCopiah-Lincoln C.C. 5’10” 190 Mississippi St.
#7 Tony Bridges DB Perkinston, MSGulf Coast C.C. 6’2″ 185 Mississippi
#8 Paris Palmer OL Scranton, PALackawanna C.C. 6’7″ 290 Penn St.
#9 Dede Westbrook WR Brenham, TXBlinn C.C. 6’1″ 170 Oklahoma
#10 Justin Martin DB Miami, OKNortheastern Oklahoma A&M J.C. 6’2″ 192 Tennessee
#11 Dante Sawyer DE Scooba, MSEast Mississippi C.C. 6’3″ 270 South Carolina
#12 Jeremy Cutrer DB Perkinston, MSGulf Coast C.C. 6’2″ 170 LSU
#13 Martinas Rankin OL Perkinston, MSGulf Coast C.C. 6’4″ 295 Mississippi St.
#14 Davon Durant LB El Dorado, KSButler County C.C. 6’2″ 240 Arizona St.
#15 Jeremiah Ledbetter DE Hutchinson, KSHutchinson C.C. 6’4″ 270 Arkansas
#16 Jamal Danley OL Scooba, MSEast Mississippi C.C. 6’5″ 305 Oklahoma
#17 Cory Butler DB Wilmington, CALos Angeles Harbor C.C. 5’11” 170 Utah
#18 Jason Smith ATH Perkinston, MSGulf Coast C.C. 6’1″ 195 Auburn
#19 Rasul Douglas DB Garden City, NYNassau C.C. 6’3″ 200 West Virginia
#20 Chase Abbington RB Hutchinson, KSHutchinson C.C. 6’2″ 209 Missouri
#21 Jerome Washington TE West Windsor, NJMercer C.C. 6’5″ 255 Miami (FL)
#22 Chris Carson RB El Dorado, KSButler County C.C. 6’1″ 210 Oklahoma St.
#23 Lorenzo Phillips LB Scooba, MSEast Mississippi C.C. 6’3″ 220 Florida St.
#24 William Johnson DB New Rochelle, NYMonroe C.C. 6’0″ 180 Oklahoma
#25 Traver Jung LB Goodman, MSHolmes C.C. 6’4″ 220 Mississippi St.
#26 Claude George LB Hutchinson, KSHutchinson C.C. 6’2″ 230 Texas A&M
#27 Maurice Swain DT Perkinston, MSGulf Coast C.C. 6’5″ 297 Auburn
#28 Motekiai Maile DT Tyler, TXTyler J.C. 6’4″ 305 Oklahoma St.
#29 Lio Lafaele OL Riverside, CARiverside C.C. 6’4″ 300 list
#30 Larry Jefferson DE Fulton, MSItawamba C.C. 6’5″ 230 West Virginia
#31 Paul Magloire DB Yuma, AZArizona Western C.C. 6’2″ 215 Arizona
#32 Justin Evans DB Perkinston, MSGulf Coast C.C. 6’0″ 190 Texas A&M
#33 Devondre Seymour OL Raymond, MSHinds C.C. 6’6″ 305 Georgia
#34 Demond Tucker DT Wesson, MSCopiah-Lincoln C.C. 6’1″ 285 Iowa St.
#35 Dominic Desouza OL San Francisco, CACity College of San Francisco 6’8″ 300 Baylor
#36 Glen Bethel OL Yuma, AZArizona Western C.C. 6’6″ 300 South Florida
#37 Deonte Reynolds DT San Pablo, CAContra Costa C.C. 6’5″ 325 Arizona St.
#38 Johnathan Calvin DE Wesson, MSCopiah-Lincoln C.C. 6’3″ 270 Mississippi St.
#39 Nehemiah Mitchell LB San Francisco, CACity College of San Francisco 6’5″ 255 Vanderbilt
#40 Antoine Albert DB Pleasant Hill, CADiablo Valley C.C. 6’2″ 200 California
#41 Quincy Vasser DE Corsicana, TXNavarro J.C. 6’4″ 265 Texas
#42 Jeryl Brazil DB Scooba, MSEast Mississippi C.C. 6’0″ 180 La Lafayet.
#43 Tyler Howell OL El Dorado, KSButler County C.C. 6’9″ 305 Missouri
#44 Isaac Whitney WR Riverside, CARiverside C.C. 6’4″ 195 USC
#45 Aaron Porter LB Norwalk, CACerritos C.C. 6’2″ 230 Washington St.
#46 Shalom Luani DB San Francisco, CACity College of San Francisco 6’1″ 200 Washington St.
#47 Dante Shipman DB Glendale, CAGlendale C.C. 6’1″ 190 list
#48 Zach Bateman OL Costa Mesa, CAOrange Coast C.C. 6’7″ 320 UCLA
#49 Ulric Jones DE El Dorado, KSButler County C.C. 6’6″ 290 South Carolina
#50 Brandon Hodges OL Scooba, MSEast Mississippi C.C. 6’5″ 290 Texas
#51 Jahair Jones OL Brooklyn, NYASA College 6’4″ 315 Miami (FL)
#52 Deya Mhiesen OL Woodland Hills, CAPierce C.C. 6’8″ 305 list
#53 Todd Mays QB Scooba, MSEast Mississippi C.C. 6’0″ 200 Oklahoma St.
#54 Marcell Frazier DE Weed, CACollege of the Siskiyous 6’4″ 245 Missouri
#55 Paul Harris WR Council Bluffs, IAIowa Western C.C. 6’3″ 205 Louisville
#56 Matt Kellerman OL El Dorado, KSButler County C.C. 6’5″ 295 Oklahoma St.
#57 Maurice Porter OL Navarro, TXNavarro J.C. 6’6″ 295 Baylor
#58 Khalil Hunter OL Thatcher, AZEastern Arizona J.C. 6’4″ 300 Louisville
#59 Bobby Leath DT Coffeyville, KSCoffeyville C.C. 6’4″ 290 Iowa St.
#60 Tim Cook ATH Thatcher, AZEastern Arizona J.C. 6’1″ 235 Oregon St.
#61 Brandon Pertile OL Mesa, AZMesa C.C. 6’6″ 300 Oklahoma St.
#62 Trent Hosick QB Yuma, AZArizona Western C.C. 6’2″ 225 list
#63 Raymond Epps TE Yuma, AZArizona Western C.C. 6’5″ 235 Arizona St.
#64 Jonathan Taylor DT Wesson, MSCopiah-Lincoln C.C. 6’5″ 335 Alabama
#65 Aulelio Olomua DE Mesa, AZMesa C.C. 6’5″ 240 Kansas St.
#66 Andrew Davis TE Council Bluffs, IAIowa Western C.C. 6’6″ 225 Illinois
#67 Brandon Snell WR Garden City, KSGarden City C.C. 6’2″ 190 list
#68 Toure Boyd DB Rancho Cucamonga, CAChaffey C.C. 6’1″ 190 South Carolina
#69 Chris French TE Mission Viejo, CASaddleback C.C. 6’4″ 245 Texas St.
#70 Dane Cruikshank DB Glendora, CACitrus C.C. 6’2″ 190 Arizona
#71 Karsman Johnson DE Miami, OKNortheastern Oklahoma A&M J.C. 6’3″ 265 list
#72 Anthony Fotu DE Oakland, CALaney C.C. 6’4″ 285 Arizona
#73 Anthony Mahoungou WR Coalinga, CAWest Hills C.C. 6’4″ 205 Purdue
#74 Ace Rogers DB Council Bluffs, IAIowa Western C.C. 6’1″ 210 Minnesota
#75 Ke’aun Kinner RB Corsicana, TXNavarro J.C. 5’9″ 185 Kansas
#76 Chad Kelly QB Scooba, MSEast Mississippi C.C. 6’1″ 210 Mississippi
#77 Ernest Hawkins LB Salinas, CAHartnell C.C. 6’2″ 225 South Carolina
#78 DeVante Wilson DE Riverside, CARiverside C.C. 6’6″ 260 California
#79 Terry Caldwell LB Senatobia, MSNorthwest Mississippi C.C. 6’2″ 215 Mississippi
#80 Daris Workman OL San Pablo, CAContra Costa C.C. 6’5″ 265 N.C. State
#81 Trey Dunkelberger TE Woodland Hills, CAPierce C.C. 6’5″ 240 Syracuse
#82 Dominique Reed WR Coffeyville, KSCoffeyville C.C. 6’4″ 175 Arkansas
#83 Shedrick Williams DB El Dorado, KSButler County C.C. 6’0″ 180 list
#84 Drew Bailey DT Poplarville, MSPearl River C.C. 6’5″ 282 Louisville
#85 Zireycus Letman WR Milledgeville, GAGeorgia Military College 6’3″ 190 Appalachian St.
#86 Treshon Broughton DB Riverside, CARiverside C.C. 6’0″ 180 Washington St.
#87 Malik Cuellar OL
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