Toy poodles for sale in spartanburg south carolina

the toy variety is only one of the 4 that characterize this breed, since there are also miniature, standard and giant, whose weights can range from 3 kg. 22 kg. The smallest varieties of poodle are the longest-lived among the different dog breeds. “The life expectancy of a poodle is estimated between 12 and 15 years for smaller sizes, but it can reach up to 20 years if cared for from a puppy.”

The Poodle is probably the most popular canine in the world. Its tenderness, charisma, nobility, beautiful fur and docility make it the ideal pet for young and old. This canine is native to France, where it initially performed waterfowl hunting.

However, it quickly became a companion dog, being one of the first to become official pet of royalty, The above allowed him to adopt the pseudonym “blue blood dog” and thanks to its four sizes it easily expanded to others Continents. The Poodle is a descendant of Barbet and is recorded in several colors. It’s not an aggressive animal, it doesn’t have destructive behaviors.

It tells the story that the ancestor of Poodle is the Barbet, a race native to North Africa that was brought by the Arabs to the Iberian Peninsula in the middle of the Middle Ages. It is said that it was in France and Germany that different crosses were made to achieve specimens of thick and waterproof fur, in order to recover fallen game birds into the water. Indeed, the word Poodle comes from the German voice pudelin, which means “splashing in the water”.

Toy poodles for sale in spartanburg south carolina

before you buy a Toy poodles would recommend looking in dog shelters you will be surprised how many breed dogs that have been abandoned or found that were lost and looking for a home, the poodles by nature are loving that you will be sure you will not have aggressiveness problems, there are pages in charge of shelters and shelters that publish daily that surely there are Toy poodles, check out the following page.Toy poodles for sale in spartanburg south carolina

Miniature or toy tiny poodle for sale in spartanburg

Now if you are interested in buying a Miniature or toy tiny poodle let’s see first that is the price, in principle whoever buys it might think that it is very expensive this will depend on the breeding house of puppies and purity, as well as the sizes let’s see the prices.


AKC Standard Poodle Puppy Pricing – Depends on coloring at birth & each puppy will be priced individually prior to puppy selections. In general the pricing is as follows:

Pricing Based on Limited AKC Registration, Non-Breeding Contract (Full AKC Available to Approved Homes)

  • Solid Black or Chocolate Brown Poodle Puppies $1600
  • Abstract Black or Chocolate Brown Poodle Puppies $1800
  • Sable Poodle Puppies Solid or Abstract $1800
  • Creams, Apricots, Red Poodle Puppies Solid or Abstract $1800
  • Parti Poodle Puppies $2000
  • Tricolor or Phantom Poodle Puppies $2200

What Are the Sizes of Poodles

There are three poodle sizes; miniature and standard. It is last the oldest of the three varieties and is still used in many countries to work as a dog in the water.

The Toy poodle is about 25 centimeters tall, the miniature Poodle is between 11 and 15 centimeters high and the standard is more than 25 centimeters. However, beyond their size, they are recognized due to their playful personality, great intelligence and agility. It also excels in performance sports and hunting tests.

Training a standard poodle puppy

Obedience training is essential to keep your poodle’s mind active. Regular walks and family games are part of the needs required by these refined puppies.

This type of breed, which has different colors such as white, gray, silver, brown, coffee with milk or black, has its hair curly and dense. The texture of the Poodle fur is unique; you can trim, comb, shave or manipulate in the most diverse ways.

How to Care for a Poodle

For a poodle to look beautiful and healthy it needs a lot of care and in that sense the maintenance of its fur is essential. Most owners usually take their dogs to a professional hairdresser once or twice a month. However, if you want to save money you can learn to do it yourself, but it takes time and effort.

Many canogs often have watery eyes and stain surrounding hair. To reduce these stains, it is advisable to gently clean your pet’s face every day. To do this you can use a non-alcoholic wipe or a cloth wet in warm water.

As for your health, they are prone to ear inflammation. For this reason, it monitors the humidity of the area during bathing. They may also develop Glaucoma (increased intraocular pressure) and elbow dislocation (the elbow may move and dislocation “get out of place”).

Keep your eyes, ears and teeth clean. If necessary, cut your nails with a special dog scissors.

Monitor the food and health of your Poodle or Poodle. Visit a veterinarian for guidance on the foods that best suit you and give you the vaccinations and departing you need.

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