Google mail dpsk12 net login

Google mail dpsk12 net login On this site, you can find information about the DPS Google Domain. Pages include introductions to
the Google Apps for Education being used by Denver Public Schools as well as tutorials and support for your most frequently asked questions.

Teachers and students can find the DPS login page by clicking on the cloud:

Google mail dpsk12 net login

For more detailed information, click on the appropriate button below.

Your Gmail account is a convenient way to communicate with parents, students, and co-workers, but keep in mind that your new Gmail account will not replace Microsoft Outlook. The district’s official email communication platform will continue to be Microsoft Outlook.



Logging In:

The official DPS login website for all DPS Google accounts is:
To log in to your DPS Google Account use your Outlook sign-in information:

Some staff will use Firstname_Lastname (John_Smith)
Other staff will use FirstInitialLastname (Jsmith)
Your official DPS Outlook password

Google mail dpsk12 net login

Your DPS Gmail Inbox
Your new DPS Gmail address will look like this:
Your DPS Outlook email address will remain as:
**NOTE the only difference is the end of each address.
.ORG = DPS Outlook
When you sign in to DPS Gmail, you’ll see a list of any messages you’ve received in your Inbox.
Unread messages are in bold. To open a message, simply click it in your message list.

Working with Messages

Click through the slides at the right to learn how to
and reply to email using Gmail.

About Conversations

By default, replies to messages are grouped into conversations. A conversation keeps all messages in a thread together, which makes it easier to keep track of them and reduces Inbox clutter.
Here’s how a conversation appears in your Inbox: [banner_abajo]