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We will learn how to recover a Gmail email account, a simple process with which we will be able to access our account again regardless of the problem that has generated the accessibility problem, Gmail has different systems of protection that will help us keep our mail safe, there are several methods to recover your password, although not all will be available depending on how cautious you have been when creating and configuring your account.

The first of all The account is yours and therefore you should be able to recover it, with more or less effort. Before you take it for granted and start creating a new account and assuming a new identity, try the following methods. All of them start from the same starting point, click on Forgot your password?, after entering the wrong password.

To get started, it’s important to know that recovering a gmail email isn’t done by magic. It is necessary that the user can somehow prove to Google that the account owner. Although we have some tricks, we’ll also give you some tips to make the attempt to get your account back more effective.

How to recover a gmail account successfully

It’s important that all the steps you take are done from a computer, cell phone, or location you’ve previously signed in to Gmail.

Step 1

The first thing you’ll need to do is go to the Gmail access portal via¬†and once there you’ll need to click on the “Need help?” option to retrieve your email.

Step 2

When we sign up for Gmail we have to indicate what we want to use to recover the account in case we can’t access it, we can choose a method or more than one. Normally, although this can change with the new updates, what Google proposes to be able to solve this problem is as follows:

  • Indicate the related mobile phone
  • The recovery email account
  • Alternate email addresses

This way when you want to recover your account and enter the Help option you will see that if you selected the mobile number option you may see a window with the possibility to choose if you want a text message to be sent to that number or to receive a call. However, if you selected more options when you signed up and now you give “try another question” you’ll get another option such as a question like “When did you create this Google account?” and you need to answer the month and year you did it.

You can also go directly to send a message to the recovery email account that you indicated when you signed up, or you may be prompted to place an alternative account that you can access now.

forgot gmail password can't verify

Step 3

When you enter the “Do you need help?” option you will likely see several options directly to select the one that fits what happened to you, that is why you can’t log into your account. Then, you’ll need to choose one of the three options based on what happened to you. The most common reasons Google offers are:

  • Forgetting the password
  • Forget the username
  • Not being able to log in for other reasons.

If your problem is another problem, you’ll need to opt for the third one to try to fix this problem and recover your account.

Step 4

In case you’ve forgotten your Gmail password, you’ll need to enter the email address you use to sign in to Google in the text box. Next, you’ll need to press the “Continue” button and follow the instructions.

Step 5

If you don’t remember your username, you’ll need to enter the alternate address you entered when you signed up or your mobile phone number. In this way, you will receive an email or SMS with your login address.

If you registered a mobile number associated with your account, Google itself will give you the option to enter your mobile and receive a text message or automated call with a verification code to retrieve the account.

If you deleted your gmail account. you have between 2 and 3 weeks to get it back. If it’s restored, you’ll be able to sign in regularly and continue to use other Google products like Google Drive or Google Play.

If you’re asked for a date when you created the account and you don’t remember, look for a verification message in another account you’ve used a long time ago. Ask your most common contacts as friends or family when they first received an email from that account (with the search option within gmail they can quickly verify it).

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