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The purpose of the program of temporary assistance for needy families (TANF, by its acronym in English) is to provide temporary financial assistance to eligible low-income families. The program is designed to end the dependence on parents in need of the benefits of the Government promoting the training, job preparation and work myflorida com accessflorida my access account .

To qualify for the benefits of this program, you must be a resident of the State of Florida, either, pregnant or responsible for a minor’s 19 years, permanent national of the United States, citizen, resident or legal alien, have a low or very low income, underemployed (working for a very low wage), or be ready to lose her job.

There are three options to request assistance from this program www.?myflorida.?comaccessflorida

Ask for assistance at (in English):

Call the State call center at 1-866-762-2237 (press 2 for attention in Spanish), or

Contact Center services ACCESS for children and local families or the local community ACCESS (in English) web site:



For more information on the TANF program in Florida, please visit www.?myflorida.?com/?accessflorida

You can also see the list of frequently asked questions about Florida TANF program at myflorida.?com access florida

The temporary assistance for needy families (TANF, by its acronym in English), is a government program that offers financial assistance to low-income families. If your family has lost a father, if you are unemployed or is a single-parent family, you may qualify for this aid. Keep reading to find out how to apply for TANF.

Calls to the office of the Department of human services (DHS) or find them online through your State Government website to get a list of requested documentation to complete your TANF application. A representative of the office of the DHS will tell you when to deposit the application or you can set up an appointment to complete the process with a wizard.

It brings together all the documentation and financial information you need for the application. The requested information includes copies of information rent and mortgage, bills, employment information, recent statements by taxes, birth certificates, and the social security cards for all members of the rightful claimant.

Fill out the application completely. Incomplete information may delay the approval process. If there is any part of the application that you don’t understand, call your local DHS Office to ask for help my access account www myflorida com accessflorida

It follows the guidelines of your State or municipality about where and how to submit your TANF application. You can do this by mail, in most States, although some require it in person and asking for appointment.

It communicates all changes of employment, address and any movement outside and inside your House, to your social worker. He is assigned to a social worker once the responsible office receives your TANF application. If you do not notify your wizard changes, your application will be denied and you may be fined. [banner_abajo]

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