How much does invisalign cost

Invisible orthodontics by Invisalign is a method whereby correcting malocclusions through almost invisible and removable splints which are called aligners. It is a clinically proven technique to align the teeth without using metal devices.

The Invisalign system can be used in most of the cases that were traditionally treated with brakets. Invisible orthodontics corrects and straightening the position of teeth without metal parts, in a comfortable and invisible to others.

Each of the aligners are manufactured specifically for each patient and as they are changing aligners, teeth will moving, little by little, week after week, until they are aligned and in final position prescribed by the orthodontist.

The treatment begins with a consultation with the orthodontist of Corporación Dermoestética that will an exploration of the mouth and take photographs of the denture and prints to send to Align Technology along with a prescription form.



They scanned the impressions of teeth and Align, with the help of its exclusive computer program, will generate a virtual representation in three dimensions of the treatment plan where you can view the expected movement of the teeth, from the beginning until they reach the desired final position.

Only it is necessary to take a series of clear and removable aligners that slowly move teeth to the desired position.

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So that the outcome of Invisalign invisible orthodontics is optimal, it is essential to follow the recommendations of the orthodontist, as well as attending visits regularly. The patient can review and accord treatment with the Corporación Dermoestética dentist until aligners will create custom.

Aligners are slightly different from each other so that the displacement of the dental pieces until the desired position is gradual. Each aligner must be worn for two weeks approximately before replacing it by the following.


The duration of the invisible orthodontics may vary for each patient, although the average is between 9 and 18 months.

Results are noticing from the first weeks patient since no one else will notice that is because it is transparent. In addition, as splints are removable, you can eat and drink when you want.

This treatment can correct most of the more common problems such as teeth crooked or huddled, spaces between teeth or certain kinds of Overbite and crossbite.


Is it a treatment only for adults?

The only requirement is not, may have all permanent teeth, i.e., that have left all the molars completely. The only thing is that the patient must commit themselves to take the aligners at all times, except to eat, drink, and perform the normal oral hygiene.

Can you eat and drink with posts aligners?

No, but as they are removable, you can eat and drink at any time, it is only necessary to remove them. It is important to keep clean aligners and prevent caries and gum diseases trying not to leave food scraps and sugar between the teeth and the aligners.

Can it work with crowns or bridges?

If you already have all the permanent teeth, it is likely that it can deal with invisible orthodontics, even if you have crowns or bridges.

And I know will look like?

Thanks to the latest technology of computer image processing can be shown at first a model with the aspect that will have after the treatment.

Really noticing not aligners?

Aligners are made of transparent plastic, so are virtually invisible, even from close.

The aligners do damage?

It is normal that the first few days feel a little uncomfortable to wear the aligners, but is something temporary. The aligners are soft, so you do not damage the inside of the mouth. However, it is true that you will feel a bit of pressure, which is a good sign that the aligners are acting.

Invisalign price: How much does Invisalign?
The Invisalign treatment price is not very different than traditional brackets or braces of metal. Usually, the cost of treatment with the Invisalign aligners is between $3000 dollars up to $5000 dollars.

However, your dentist is the most qualified person to determine the actual cost of treatment designed for you, because the treatment is based your specific needs: the need for alignment of teeth (light or pronunciation), your dental problems, how long will last your treatment, etc.

Some of our users reported that Invisalign price regularly is $ 3500 to $6000 USD, depending on the treatment you receive.

Many users also suggest that you seek the budget of several doctors before making a final decision, since these can offer a lower price or a better way of payment for treatment. [banner_abajo]

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