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What advantages does Invisalign Teen for children?

With Invisalign Teen, they do not have to carry iron or wire. They finished the inconvenience and uncomfortable sores caused by the brackets.

It is a type of completely invisible orthodontics. You can enjoy the advantages of an orthodontic treatment without complexes of these ages.

The aligners can be removed. So do not have any restrictions when it comes to eating. They may eat during treatment with Invisalign Teen!
The teeth may brush perfectly since they go to brush without apparatus.

No more inflammations of gums produced by orthodontic appliances.
Invisalign Teen allows us to begin with orthodontics before leaving all definitive teeth thanks to joints of tooth eruption which is Invisalign.



Many people think of dental appliances as a process that occurs during childhood and adolescence, but times have changed and more and more adults are taking advantage of the opportunity to enhance your appearance, smile and oral and buccal health putting brackets / apparatus for orthodontic or invisible orthodontics (invisalign).

Teeth can move and straighten out at any age, and the benefits go beyond the cosmetic. Crooked or crowded teeth, or a misaligned bite can make the thorough cleaning of teeth more difficult, which increases the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Also, a misaligned bite can interfere with the oral part / vowel and can even lead to jaw problems.

Since the facial bones of an adult are not already growing, the same treatments can take longer in adults than in children. In addition, certain types of corrections of the teeth and the jaw may not be available for adults only with brackets / devices. Other types of appliances or orthodontic procedures may be needed to achieve the desired result.

No matter what your age, you can choose the brackets that are little visible or obvious. If you want that your braces are subtle, ask your dentist or orthodontist (orthodontic specialist) at his dental clinic on how to attach the brackets to the back of the teeth, rather than the front or use invisible orthodontics (invisalign). Or, if you have media attached to the front of each tooth, they are available in transparent versions or the color of the tooth. You can choose the colors and they are available in different forms.

If you play contact sports that could result in head or jaw injury, be sure to use a protector in the mouth. If you’re not sure which type you can use, ask your dentist for a referral.

Types of Orthodontics for children

You have children think they need orthodontics? Do you know what kind of treatment needed?

Removable devices: these systems are orthopaedic purposes, with them we want to achieve a correct bone development. Removable devices can be placed in one or two jaws. Its use is common in mixed dentition children, usually less than 10 years.

Traditional brackets: choose these items for children under 12 years old or even younger ages if crowding or malposition of teeth is so evident that it can cause complex or trauma to the child.

Damon System: it is the best-known orthodontic appliance and that excellent results are achieved when it is run by an orthodontic specialist. It’s a fixed appliance (the child can not remove) which requires a series of periodic adjustments in the clinic until you get the desired result. The duration of treatment is very variable, since you depend totally on the degree of cooperation of the patient and the severity of malocclusion. Today, the need for tooth extractions is the Damon system, which is giving better results since it allows us to complete cases in a shorter time, requires less adjustment appointments and prevents over 95%. Recommended for ages 13 +.

Lingual orthodontics: not so known as brackets that van attached in front, the lingual braces incognito system is exactly equally effective, with the added advantage that nobody sees child carrying apparatus since the brackets are glued by the back face of the teeth. You may think that this system is more annoying, but nothing further. The lingual braces are one much smaller thickness that traditional, in the majority of cases are therefore even less annoying than normal brackets. This orthodontics, is recommended for children from the age of 13.

Orthodontics invisalign: Invisalign unlike 2 previous devices, is a system of removable orthodontic which uses a series of removable aligners. The crucial advantage over previous is that it is removed for eating, so we have no restrictions with the things that we eat, allows us to have very good hygiene, since we’re going to brush your teeth without, does not produce scratches by not wearing any metal element and is virtually invisible. Invisalign can be used in 95% of malocclusions. However, it is the degree of cooperation of the child which will determine if we are going to use Invisalign to treat their malocclusion, since to be a removable appliance be throughout the day since and only remove it is to eat we need, that the best candidates are teenagers from 16 to 18 years. [banner_abajo]

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