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To become a certified Invisalign doctor and start using Invisalign in your inquiry, attendance at a course are required. Once finished, you will know the technology that lies behind the Invisalign system, how it works, and how it can benefit your inquiry. You certify to treat cases using the Invisalign system, and have access to the Virtual Invisalign consultation (VIP).

Invisalign is one of the most important advances in orthodontics from the past 30 years, and you’re invited to be part of it. Part of the growing number of professionals who have been certified by Invisalign, so their patients can begin to enjoy the benefits of this advanced treatment.



Requirements for certification

It is necessary to make the professional dentist specialized in orthodontics. Exceptional cases will be analysed by the direction of Invisalign

If you already be an invisalign certificate and have access to invisalign doctor login site.

We will follow the following steps to access:

  1. first write the address in the address bar
  2. shows the form of access where we enter our user and password and access to invisalign doctor login

Doctor login invisalign

Orthodontics steps invisalign

invisalign consultation what to expect

The doctor will perform a short scan that will tell you what are your major problems, the real need for orthodontic treatment and possible developments in long-term problems. Also, the doctor you guide on the diagnosis and treatment possibilities.

Invisalign diagnostics and case study

For a correct and detailed orthodontic diagnosis is essential to make each patient a full clinical history (history medical, dental and orthodontic) and an exhaustive scan (facial scanning, intraoral examination, functional exploration and exploration posturologica).

The direct examination of the patient and the clinical history constitute the most immediate way of analyzing, first-hand, alterations that the patient can present in teeth and jaw spindles. These data, together with the diagnostic records (x-rays, study models, photographs…) will allow the doctor detailing diagnosis and choosing the most appropriate treatment for each case plan.

Diagnostic records

Diagnostic records are a necessary complement to the clinical examination of the patient, i.e., to perform a complete diagnosis of the case. Although the doctor can guide you on the planning of treatment before the end of your case study, definitive therapeutic planning is carried out by the doctor without the physical presence of the patient; Diagnostic records allow you to perform measurements and observations and plan treatment without the need for the patient to present during a long period of time in the consultation.

Invisalign treatment reviews Clinical report and treatment plan

After studying the case, the doctor will determine your diagnosis and will design a treatment plan individualized based on the diagnosis and the obtaining of certain objectives. Made treatment plans are unique and individual for each patient, since as there are no two the same clinical cases, there are two equal treatments. I have two patients who carry the same type of apparatus, but the use of it and the goals that we aim to achieve with it are never the same.

Also the doctor will clarify you all questions that you may have regarding diagnosis, treatment, alternative to the same plan, prognosis…

The doctor can create a clinical report in writing, which will be a brief overview of the diagnosis and treatment planning. If the treatment had already been carried out, you can also request the inclusion of the type of equipment used and the therapeutic sequence…

Clinical reports are useful in cases of patients who need to present it to medical insurance for the repayment of part or all the cost of orthodontic treatment. In addition, it is also necessary in the event that a patient change their domicile to another city and your treatment will be followed by another orthodontist.

how much does invisalign cost

Once the diagnosis and planning of the treatment in the clinic you will be given a quote in writing. If there are several alternatives of treatment or appliances, you will also have several budgets; Therefore, you will have a budget for each of the planning of treatment carried out by the doctor.

You will see that your budget will be very detailed. The budget shows all payments to make, the treatment phase which corresponds the budget, monthly payments or visits to pay, necessary treatment and complementary or optional treatments, the estimated time of treatment, replacements for replacement, loss or breakage of appliances. [banner_abajo]

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