File a bi weekly unemployment claim in montana

Workers living in the State of Montana are eligible to apply for unemployment insurance if they have lost a job, or their working hours have been drastically reduced. Your eligibility and amount of your benefits are based on your work history, including the time that have been used, the reason for which do not have work and how much they won in the previous year. It must also be able to work and be actively looking for a new job to be entitled to benefits for unemployment in mountain.

Instructions for File a bi weekly unemployment claim in montana

Step 1 : Complete an unemployment application form.

You can do it online (see the link in the reference section of “mountain Unemployment Home Page). You must submit personal information, your employment history for the past 18 months, the salary information and the reason why you left your last job. You will receive a personal identification (PIN) number to access your account for unemployment benefits. Record this number and keep it in a safe place for future reference. file biweekly claim unemployment mt

Step 2 :  Fill an agreement of claimant to complete your application for unemployment.

If you did online, you will fill the agreement as part of the process. If you did by phone, you must fill out a copy of the agreement of claimant in line to complete. Your application will not be complete and your benefits will not begin until you’ve completed your agreement. Once complete, it is processed and ere eligible to review your unemployment. Unemployment benefits are distributed twice a month in Montana. While faster you complete your application, they will sooner start your benefits.

Step 3 : It begins to find suitable employment.

You must be actively looking for work each week to fill requests, sending resumes or attending job interviews to be eligible for unemployment benefits. Keep a record of your job search efforts since you will have to report it every week. Even if you find employment you must keep your records of search for at least three years in the event of an audit.

Step 4 : It applies for unemployment benefits every week.

You can request a review of benefits by phone or through the online system. If you do not, you will not receive a check. To make a claim, you will need your personal information, your registration of job search, the PIN that you received when you filled the request.

Step 5 : Montana unemployment benefits are based on a single history of unemployment,

so there is plenty of time so that you receive the benefits. If your benefits are terminated until you find employment, you can apply for an extension for a longer period of time. You can request up to four extensions of benefits. Payment amounts will vary based on your individual circumstances.

Unemployment insurance benefits provide temporary financial assistance to unemployed workers who were terminated for reasons beyond their control and that comply with the requirements of eligibility of mountain.

To qualify for the benefits of this program, you must have worked in Montana during a previous period of 12 to 18 months, and have received at least one minimum amount of wages how is determined by our guidelines. You should also be able to work and be available to work every week you charged the benefits.

The information below will guide you to the following steps to apply for this benefit montana biweekly claim .

Program contact information

All Montana unemployment insurance services are currently provided by phone. If you wish to make a claim or need information about unemployment insurance, click the link below to find and call the service centre in your County: File a bi weekly unemployment claim in montana

Montana Unemployment Weekly Claims

IMPORTANT: You are the only one who can file for your benefits. Allowing another person to have access to your PIN and file for you is considered fraud.

There are two way to request payment:
On-line or via telephone using the Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) at 444-9800.

Both systems are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Here is a list of possible questions which will be asked when you request a claim

  • Did you quit or get fired from a job this week?
  • Did you take time off or miss scheduled work for any reason this week?
  • Did you look for work this week?
  • If work had been available, were you physically and mentally able to work this week?
  • Were you available to work this week?
  • Did you attend school or were you in training this week?
  • Where you referred for a job interview by Workforce Services (Job Service) this week?
  • If your answer to question 7 is “Yes”, you will be asked “Did you report for the job interview you were referred to by Workforce Services (Job Service) this week?”
  • Did you refuse any work during this week?
  • Enter the total number of hours you worked this week. Do not include hours of paid time off, which includes vacation time, sick time, compensatory time, and personal time off.
  • Enter total earnings for paid time off this week.
  • Enter total earnings for being “on call” this week.
  • Enter the amount of bonus pay received this week.
  • Enter the amount of commission pay received this week.
  • Will you be paid for a holiday that occurred this week?

For more information, please visit our Web site for file biweekly claim unemployment :

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