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Panera is a restaurant chain that produces artisanal bread, operates under the brand names Panera Bread, self service panera bread St. Louis Bread and Paradise Bakery & cafe; its premises are in suburban malls and close to regional offices. The main product is the artisan bread, however offers a variety of sandwiches and soups, with a segment divided into six times: breakfast, the “cold” AM, lunch, the “cold” PM, dinner and to take home.

Panera Bread makes nine salads, two of which were chosen by ShopSmart Magazine as one of the healthiest salads available in restaurant chains. Since Panera salads are made to order, you can substitute the ingredients of each salad your choice www panera bread com self service.

Login ceridian self service panera bread

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Healthy salads www.?mypaneraselfservice
Leave aside the dressings of chicken salad chopped barbecue to move from 500-360 calories and get the healthiest choice, according to SmartShop Magazine. SmartShop also considers the chicken salad to the Fuji Apple, with 360 calories without toppings, like one of healthier salads of most major restaurant chains.

Cobb and Harvest
With ingredients like gorgonzola cheese, bacon, chopped egg and chicken salad chopped cobb has a total of 500 calories, with 320 of them coming from fat. Harvested in Orchard chicken salad contains pears, cherries and nuts, with a total of 550 calories.

Asian sesame chicken
Choose the Asian sesame chicken salad will give you 400 calories with only 180 coming from fat. This salad offers the lighter option of dressings, with only 90 calories. Put aside the strips of crispy wonton and will save 140 calories.

Created by Caesar Cardini in 1924, the Breadmaker-caesar salad is very basic, with only four ingredients, and has around 390 calories. Add chicken to increase calories to 510, but it will give you a good source of daily protein you need.

Classical and Greek self service panera bread
The classic salad from Panera Cafe has 170 calories and five vegetables, with only 90 calories coming from the dressing. The Greek Salad has 380 calories, but 300 of them come from fats, mostly because with high-fat dressing. Asks the dressing separately and add only half your salad to eliminate some calories. [banner_abajo]