How much does invisalign cost for top teeth only

How much does invisalign cost for top teeth only crowded teeth, commonly called “stacked”, are produced by a lack of space in the jaw. As they elute the teeth are placed as best they can with different spins and rotations. The problem of dental crowding can be corrected with orthodontics at any age.

The problem of crowded teeth occurs when there isn’t enough space in the jaw for all teeth, by which these are developed so disorderly, clustering is one above the other.

Crowding may cause difficulties to eat and talk and even problems such as gingivitis oral.
Invisalign. They are transparent splints that are changed every two weeks and are doing small micro-movements that crowded teeth are corrected.

How Much Does Invisalign Express Cost for Only Upper Teeth?

How much does invisalign cost for top teeth onlyInvisalign Express is about $3,000-3,500, which can be paid in small monthly payments of less $99 with CareCredit and some down payment.

Solutions for the dental crowding

Sapphire brackets. They are transparent braces that are barely seen, and move teeth effectively undyed or break and perfectly solved the problem of crowding. First there are that do a study to determine the plan of treatment, if are need extractions or expanding or making IPR is can correct well.

  • Invisalign. They are transparent splints that are changed every two weeks and are doing small micro-movements that crowded teeth are corrected.
  • Lingual orthodontics. They are brackets that van placed on the inside of the teeth which nobody notice you are wearing them while the problem is solved.
  • Ligating brackets. They are low friction brackets that move teeth faster and thus correct the teeth in a faster way.

Often, many people are without braces because prices seem overwhelming. Some people do not know that they can pay the equipment for themselves or their children through the financing of the cost for a period. Learn more about options such as invisalign orthodontic and traditional braces, and how the cost of treatment may become reasonable for almost any budget.

Average cost of Invisalign

The invisalign system serves to gently move teeth to its alignment using a series of clear aligners that are almost imperceptible when using them. Invisalign works best in dental crowding of mild to moderate, although experienced Orthodontists have recently begun to treat major occlusion problems. If your teeth need only a moderate correction, the average cost of invisalign may be similar to traditional braces. For more complex cases, the cost may vary from 20 to 50 percent more than the metal brackets.

Financing of Orthodontics (equipment) suitable for the patient

No matter what type of orthodontic treatment, you should not postpone the placement of appliances for the cost. Financing can make that appliances are affordable for every family budget. Some Orthodontists offer payment plans that consist of installment payments for several months after treatment or no interest for a certain period.

Different types of invisalign treatment

  1. Invisalign full: This is the most commonly used type of invisalign since with it you can treat all kinds of malocclusions and dental malpositions. With this type of invisalign we treat the most complex cases, the duration of treatment is usually about a year and a half.
  2. Invisalign lite: This type of treatment is recommended for more basic cases where mild tooth malpositions need to be corrected, such as small crowds or slight gaps between teeth. Treatment with Invisalign Lite is among the shortest that exist today, lasting less than one year.
  3. Invisalign teen: This type of invisalign is aimed at teenagers, serves to correct the rash of the definitive teeth and guide them in the correct position. The goal of this type of invisalign is to correct severe cases of alignment and malocclusions. This treatment encompasses the functions of full invisalign with splints adapted to the teeth in a state of eruption. The approximate duration with invislign teen is between 18 and 24 months.

Advantages of invisalign over braces

The benefits of Invisalign are not any of the techniques used for bite correction and tooth alignment, some of the advantages:

  • In addition to being completely transparent they are removable, this means that the patient can withdraw them for food intake or in case of having any event, therefore, a specific feeding regimen should not be followed as happens when we carry fixed orthodontics, that certain foods cannot be eaten or must be cautious, for example, with food that is too hard, fibrous or sticky.
  • The fact that they are fully adapted to the teeth and are made thermoplastic polymer, in which they make them imperceptible to the human eye
  • Comfort is always present as they do not produce canker sores, sores and no uncomfortable wounds.
  • Daily oral hygiene can be performed as normal without the need to use a specific brush for orthodontic treatment carriers and or use complementary products.
  • It was the idea that Invisalign was only able to correct light alterations perhaps when it appeared the system was more limited, but today even the most serious cases can be corrected.
  • Precise movement control without creating more force than necessary. Avoiding recessions or getting to affect the roots with excessive forces which brings great pain to the patient.
  • Easy to use as to remove them it will be enough to remove them from the back and take them out.
  • Oral hygiene is completely normal this avoids problems such as the appearance of dental pathologies such as the appearance of cavities, bad breath or infections. This is where not only the aesthetics of this system come into play, but also brings oral health.
  • The patient can observe how the smile is modified, how the current alterations are corrected and the change that occurs from the beginning of treatment since invisalign has a software that calculates the progression of the teeth, thanks to a ClinCheck (animation in computer) to see the final result, this is a great motivation when initiating orthodontic treatment.
  • With the aligner system the time is significantly reduced by half both on regular visits to the specialist and in final treatment time.
  • There are no emergencies such as possible bracket detachments that contribute to the stop treatment.

get a perfect smile and have your teeth properly aligned without anyone noticing, unlike the braces the invisible orthodontic uses the aligners that are transparent and no one will notice that you are with an orthodontic treatment besides the comfort that assumes since you can take them off at specific times such as at lunchtime.

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