How long does invisalign hurt

How long does invisalign hurt If you are thinking to start a treatment with Invisalign to fix your teeth and you are worried to know if it is going to hurt the process, don’t worry because we cannot say that he hurts as such, even if that may appear temporary discomfort resulting from the micro-movements that van doing alineadoras splints on the teeth, but this is something common to any orthodontic treatment, and it is normal to feel slight discomfort or sensitivity.

The majority of patients feel pain in the teeth for a few days after starting each new phase. It is something normal.

How long does invisalign hurt

It is an indicator that the invisalign aligners work and are moving the teeth to their correct location in the mouth. This pain should go slowly disappearing in a couple of days after introducing new aligner in the series. If it isn’t, I recommend calling the certified orthodontist invisalign dental clinics.



Some people may experience a little discomfort temporary during the first few days at the beginning of each new stage of treatment, to put a new aligner. This is normal and is normally described as a feeling of pressure in the mouth.

The initial discomfort are sign that the aligners are working well, moving your teeth gradually and helping you to achieve the desired end result. These discomforts usually disappear in a couple of days.

Why you feel that sensation of pressure when teeth move?

In the physiology of the tooth movement tooth is attached to bone by periodontal ligament and leaving moving revolves in the ligament and there is a slight feeling of discomfort.

The tooth is moving and ligament changes to modify this movement.
Bone cells (the tooth is in the bone) have to go remodeling by what are phenomena of resorption and apposition.
Between one and three days this feeling ceases.

Does it hurt invisalign?

Does not hurt, yes it hurts, does not hurt, if it hurts, sometimes…

Some say no, others Yes. The truth is that Invisalign and orthodontic any consist of moving teeth and to move them have to force them. Therefore, yes it hurts. Not it how to hurt? All devices hurt.
With invisalign only hurts a zone, a tooth, you feel a little pressure on the molars, in the end, something timely and mild for being more precise movements. With brackets, after entering the query you start to hurt all mouth for days.

With Invisalign is different, hurt in first and second day of every change and most of all to remove the aligners, which pull a bit. But a totally bearable pain. It is not a constant pain, and if you’re a person who does not support no pain, even if it is passed, you can always take a pill to relieve it, but the truth is that it is endurable. [banner_abajo]

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