How fast does invisalign work

“How long will treatment last?” and “what treatment is faster: the lingual orthodontics, normal orthodontics or Invisalign?” are two of the “Star” in the consultation questions. And as I understand!. We all want to know how much it takes to get a certain result. Time is a dimension that is essential in our lives, especially now that all walk with haste and many things to do at the same time.

How fast does invisalign work

Many times, patients raise doubts arising in this respect: “I have been told that with such or which braces orthodontics is faster…” or “with Invisalign orthodontics is slower with orthodontics which is not of ceramic brackets, is it true?”.



As a general answer, say, to date, no technique, trading house or “magic bracket” has proved with scientific studies, serious and contrasted significantly faster than others. some techniques or brackets claim to have “stockings” treatment time 3-4 months than others, although this does not always occur and it is not entirely clear.

Treatment times depend on much more of the professional who carries out the treatment, skill, ability and knowledge and, above all, specific patient malocclusion, as there are types of “quick” cases and other “slow”.

The main limiting in terms of the speed of the treatments in orthodontics is the bone, tooth and cell biology: as much as we want the teeth and tissues that surround them “cannot” go faster a particular rhythm, which tends to be 1 mm. per month, approximately. This speed is independent of the brand of bracket being used. In addition, the speed varies depending on the age, type of tooth, type of movement, cell metabolism, takes drugs, required position and initial etc. and mainly the individual response of each patient, which is always an unknown.

Again, I do not recommend search orthodontics in clinical, doctor, or the site that promises to be “the fastest”. Sometimes, not all of course, excessive speed means little dedication or quality in the finished case.

The treatment time is an important factor in orthodontics, but should not prevail over the quality of the result. [banner_abajo]

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