Best Torrent streaming program free

Best torrent streaming program free Download series or movies to your computer may be illegal in many parts of the world, since you are not paying for access to content. But what happens when there is no way pay because nobody gives you even the opportunity to become a client? Depending on your geographical area in the world, It is possible that you can not access in any legal way a huge number of entertainment.

While we are in the year 2014 films will continue premiering first or exclusively in only some countries, TV series that reach your regional TV channels or your cable service come with one or more periods of delay. If you would like to see something on streaming also blocked it by region.

It doesn’t matter if you like to pay, to Hulu or Spotify not you can offer your money if it does not come from a country allowed. When the industry understand that the best way to combat “piracy” is to make that your content can be easier legally, that day we all be happy. If you are worried or upset you having to download files to your computer to view your favorite series, or enjoy movies, the best thing you can do is watch them in streaming, so nothing is stored on your hard drive, the process is simple, fast and comfortable, and you have an enormous amount of options to do so.

Best Torrent streaming program free

The unique, the undisputed. Since Popcorn Time appeared on the scene fell you over to try to bury it in the bottom of the sea of horrible piracy that threatens an industry to make more money, but it is unable to offer something legally that would pay many happy. Popcorn Time makes the process see series and movies on the Internet, a stroll along the beach. With a simple and easy interface to use, well organized and with much, much content. You can download it on Linux, Windows and OS X, offers subtitles in multiple languages, information and ratings of IMDb, and the possibility of adding favorites.

All films are in quality 720 or 1080 p, and 480 or 720 series. You will not find anything less quality there, so versions type CAM from those that are terrible never entering the application.


The ACE platform Stream works based on P2P (peer-to-peer) technology, data exchange occurs between all participants. Users who watch the broadcast, receive data from multiple users to see it at a given time. With regard to the user who see broadcast sends data to other users who are watching the same transmission. In this way, all participants of the network offer the opportunity that emissions are viewed by all, what allows them to have an equal chance regardless of the number of participants.


From the hands of the people of Isohunt, a popular site for downloads of torrents, Isoplex, very similar to Popcorn Time PPP comes to us and which in fact uses many of the same technologies as peerflix. Isoplex offers more videos to be indexed more types of quality and not only 720 and 1080 p as Popcorn Time. It is also a portable app so you don’t have to install anything on your system, and you can use it on Windows, Linux, and OS X.

Peerflix is one of the technologies that use the first two of this list to do streaming torrents. If you don’t want to use any of the above, you can use “raw” Peerflix from your favorite Linux distro and streaming of any torrent to your installation of VLC.

ACE Stream is a modified version of VLC that you can install on Windows and that allows you to make any torrent streaming. If you don’t want to use the native player, you can install extensions for Chrome or Firefox and see the content directly from the web.

MoviePanda is a new application that also has the style Popcorn Time, but this only provides movies, although in many versions with grades ranging from DVDRip, up to 1080 p. MoviePanda also offers subtitles in multiple languages, information films, and IMDb ratings. The interface is pretty good and very well organized titles.

TorrenTV For those who have an Apple TV, Roku, or Chromecast. TorrenTV allows you to send any torrent, your favorite gadget via airplay, and you can easily create executables for Linux, Windows or Mac.

Joker The latest tool that I’ve tested, Joker takes minimalism and simplicity to a new extreme. It is a website in which you can paste any file torrent or magnet link and start to see the video instantly. Subtitles? It also has. The formula is copy, sticks, and enjoy. And, for more convenience, you can handle the interface via keyboard shortcuts. Ridiculously brilliant. [banner_abajo]

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