Screen capture entire web page internet explorer

Screen capture entire web page internet explorer If ever you’ve seen in the situation of wanting to capture an entire web page, but you realize it has the tool that you have to take screenshots only is able to do so within the resolution of your monitor, it is likely that you have felt somewhat frustrated.

I must confess that before I decided to look for a tool like that’ll show you then the first thing that occurred to me in my silly head, was reducing the size of the text and elements of the site to be able to capture the largest possible on a web share, everything you enter within the visible space of my screen. This is not just a very simple way to solve the problem, but that creates another: the quality of the picture is terrible and nothing is readable.

There are several ways to take a screenshot of an entire web page, and to please the greatest number of users possible, let’s introduce alternatives compatible with multiple browsers and operating systems.

Screen capture entire web page internet explorer

Adobe BrowserLab It allows us to make screenshots to a web from different browsers and operating systems. It allows you to check whether a web page in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. As well as check it from Windows and Mac OS. BrowserLab is available in several languages.

To start we need to have an Adobe account, started and session can begin to use this online tool. Adobe BrowserLab operation is very simple, We will only have to type in the URL of our site and Adobe will show on screen captures in seconds, needed to generate our screenshots. It also has tools to compare the result with several browsers, by allowing multiple views on the screen.


Make screenshots has become very easy and popular on Windows, especially since the most recent versions of this operating system have included the functionality of automatically creating images by pressing the Windows key with “Print Screen”.
In this case the “Screenshots” folder in my pictures is created a copy of the active window.


For Google Chrome Full Page Screen Capture, my favorite and a ridiculously simple. Installing this extension for Chrome get a simple button on your toolbar that pressing captures the current web page complete in a few seconds. Easier impossible.

For Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Chrome FireShot is a plugin compatible with multiple browsers, and also integrates with Thunderbird and Seamonkey. It allows you to capture full web pages, as well as only a selection of the same. You can save screenshots as PDF, or as various formats of image (PNG, GIF, JPEG, or BMP). It also has an editor which don’t need to rely on a third party application to crop, resize, highlight, blur or erase elements of the catch; In addition to this you can add text to your images.

For who does not want to install anything: Capture Full Page is a website that allows you to enter any URL and the site will process the same information to generate a screenshot of the entire web page. You don’t have to install anything, and you can use the tool from any browser. Of course, while more information contains the web that you want to capture, more time will take you to the site generate the capture. You can download it in various sizes at the end.

For Windows and OS X: DuckLink is a small free utility to take screen captures. You can take a picture of your entire screen, a window, a specific region, or an entire web page. You can assign keyboard shortcuts, and a special directory for saving images. It is very easy to use, lightweight, and free to use indefinitely. It is available for Windows and Mac OS X, as well as a version for the terminal. [banner_abajo]