How to choose the best laptop

How to choose the best Laptops offer today is huge, there are a wide range of models and options, with our tips you could choose the model that best suits you and save you some money.

Before you buy a laptop, you should consider several things as hardware, the support offered by the brand, design, etc. The best laptop for you is not having the higher price or which has latest generation hardware, you could save enough if you can identify your needs before you go to the store, in my experience always is healthy to develop a short review before you buy.

The first filter to choose a laptop is to identify the type of application that is going to give, here are a few simple questions that you could do yourself:

  • Would you like it to play?
  • Want it for basic things like browse, read, and use text editors or spreadsheets?
  • Would you like it to work with video editing or design software?
  • Would you like it to compile code?
  • Would it be only an extension of your home PC?

Think about it, analyzes applications, when you have well defined utility that will have your new equipment comes the technical part, the best thing is to check all sites specialized in technology (such as Gizmodo) the latest news about portable envelope, hardware and trends to keep out, technology moves very fast so it is best to be vigilant.

Portable formats Things have changed a lot, there are new categories in notebooks so it is also a very important point to when you buy one. It is important that you decide if you want to experience the new formats or stay with something more classic, Today we can find:

  • Ultrabooks They are these portable light, thin, with wide autonomy and with a classical format.
  • Hybrids are the new members of the family of portable computers, it is possible to use them in tablet mode or laptop in Classic format, usually they also have very good autonomy and hardware is very similar to the one of a ultrabook.
  • Portable classics are those of life, nowadays are much more thin and light, but are gradually disappearing. Mhuchas times this format is ideal for certain styles work style, remember that everything depends on your needs.

How to choose the best laptop

Size and weight
We are looking for a laptop, so the best will be to pay attention to the space that is in our backpack or portfolio, the weight is also important since it is not good to walk carrying a heavy laptop, especially if you move throughout the day or if you are traveling much. Ideal sizes for a laptop will be 11 inches at 15, apart from 15 inches doesn’t make much sense, but as always, depends on the style and the use that each one gives.


Before venturing to buy your new laptop online I recommend that you visit stores and put hands on the different laptops you have targeted, discusses things like the ports you have or if you are comfortable using the keyboard, etc. Already then you will have long time to analyze the different prices that is, if you can import or take advantage of any offer in department stores or electronics.


The heart of your laptop is not anything, today’s processors are designed to deliver flawless performance but also to consume less energy, perhaps the most popular are the Intel Core family, specifically the Haswell (fourth generation), most of the brands are making use of them and the results are impressive on the autonomy, an example is the latest generation of the MacBook Air, I have one and no problem I can work a full day without running into a wall socket.

The choice of processor, No matter what brand you are depending on the use that will be to the notebook, usually a Core i3 offers us enough for the basics and a little, the best is that it is somewhat left over that you later lack power, the processor is not everything, It should also be combined with aspects such as the RAM and the hard disk.

Another important aspect is to identify whether we require integrated or dedicated graphics, this is a function of the first step being to identify needs, for example, If you’re going to play or producing multimedia content the best choice would be graphics dedicated, normally the integrated cover most of the needs of an average user.

Mandatory SSD
SSD prices still do not end up falling, the price per GB is high, but they are the best choice to accompany your laptop, especially on performance issues. A regret that the capacity would be reduced should not be much problem for you, you could gather more than 100 GB of cloud storage without problem using services like Google Drive, Dropbox or Copy.
After several years of use SSD drives on my laptop I have not had any problems with the fluidity of my applications or the operating system in general, they are also much more secure with your information that did not have any moving parts, you have less risk of damage.

Autonomy is as important as the processor
It is clear that if we want a laptop computer is that we will take it everywhere and in most cases (depending on use) you are looking for is to be away from a power outlet, It doesn’t make much sense to buy a laptop if 80 percent of the time you’re going to be looking for outlets to avoid losing your work.

Today there are many teams that offer a decent autonomy but it is not good to rely on the capabilities that the manufacturer boasts with its battery, take it as an estimate of time and analyzes the usage type that you’re going to give to your laptop, rather also you can ask 10 hours to a laptop running at peak capacity. Another very important aspect is that you analyze that complicated would it be to change the battery, if you have the possibility of carrying an extra for any emergency.

Es muy importante que sepas que tu futuro portátil tenga cierto grado de actualización y que sea sencilla de reparar, por ejemplo, que puedas acceder fácilmente al disco duro y puedas actualizarlo posteriormente por una unidad SSD para un mejor desempeño o colocar más memoria RAM y darle una nueva vida. Por otro lado es importante que analices el nivel de soporte técnico que tiene la marca, siempre es bueno pagar un extra por las mejores experiencias de soporte y si se puede extender tu garantía sería mucho mejor. [banner_abajo]

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