How to increase pen drive data transfer speed

How to increase pen drive data transfer speed , Today, technology is making the transition from version USB 2.0 to USB 3.0. Recently have been defined the characteristics that will be the successor of USB 3.0, USB vNext. Most prominent among version and version modification is always the improvement in the speed of data transfer. This is also the more users are demanding. Nobody wants to wait times.

Whatever the version of USB you use there are ways to accelerate the speed of your USB flash drive and be able to access and transfer data more quickly. First, it is important to know the limitations that end up reducing the speed of these devices:

  • Limitation of the USB version: the technical limitation of USB 2.0, for example is 60 MB/s. The actual transfer rates are always quite below and the technical limitation, but the important thing is to know that even if you apply all the possible best to him there unable to exceed limits.
  • Limitations of the pendrive: do you ever why there are several pendrive USB that seem to offer the same features at first glance but vary greatly in price? Tag USB 3.0 not ensures superior performance, the quality of the memories that make up these products end up being key. It is important to review technical details and the opinion of other consumers before making a purchase.
  • The hardware limitation: as more devices connect to the USB ports of your computer less will be the performance of each of these. This is because inside all are attached to a host, and then to the motherboard. The intensive use of all ports not allow hardware offer the same performance. So if you want a faster transfer, disconnect the unnecessary.

How to increase pen drive data transfer speed

Software How to increase pen drive data transfer speed
There are a number of programs available for download that they allow to check the transfer and defragment. Some users are against desgrafmentar pendrive because memories have a limited number of times that you can be rewritten, and the defragmentation is left this life. However, the offered improvement is greater than the risk, in my opinion. It makes no sense not to defragment a flash drive when its useful life years promises and we know that never last more than ten for the manner in which grows the information we handle, which causes probably be replaced in the short term by a more modern model.


The defragmentation is something that can help, as can do it know and avoid the limitations mentioned in the beginning of the article. The most important continues to be the quality of the memory that is within the Flash drive and the rate of transfer that is capable of reaching.


MyDefrag: tool to defragment the file system of a flash drive and optimize its performance.
HD Tune: in its free version, allows you to test the speed of transfer of a flash drive. The paid version adds more detailed benchmarking capabilities and the possibility of checking the State of “health” of our device.
Check Flash: a small software less than 1 MB which doesn’t require installation and allows you to check the speed of the Flash drive and defragment it.

It accelerates the disks USB in Windows 8
When you use external drives USB, in the majority of cases Windows 8 keeps disabled write cache. This makes it the object of that you can remove the disk at any time without involving you data loss, already that when you remove the disc without clicking the option to safely remove hardware before, if the equipment has enabled the write cache, most likely there are data that are still in the cache and which still not ever written on the disk. In that case, you will lose this data.

If you are willing to always remove discs safely, you can keep active cache and win like speed when copying your files on the device. To enable this option, click the right mouse button on Computer / Manage. Device Manager and selected on the right side of the window,locates and displays Drives.

How to increase pen drive data transfer speed

Click on the USB drive with the right button, and then click Properties. Open the policies folder and select the better performance option.

How to increase pen drive data transfer speed

Click OK. Although this is probably not necessary, as it will restart reading the disc as if thou shouldest enter, it is recommended that you reboot the computer. From that moment, it will go faster but you must not forget to always remove hardware safely. [banner_abajo]

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