Cheapest place to buy ssd drives

Cheapest place to buy ssd drives SSD drives are one of the most interesting improvements that can be given to a computer since with them ensures an increase in yield considerable thanks to its speed, higher than of a HDD. The problem is that are still expensive, so it is better to be well informed about their aspects and differences before making a purchase decision. In this guide you will find everything you need what to keep in mind when buying SSD, solid storage units.

If you want to improve the performance of your computer, the more quick and easy is to install a SSD drive for storage, since the traditional hard drive is usually one of the main bottlenecks. However this type of storage has not lowered too price in recent years, as if there is a “barrier” that prevents popularize it even more. It had to be reborn OCZ which put the batteries and present us with a SSD drive which is aimed at the pockets more modest without skimping too much on performance, with the new range ARC 100.

Why SSD and not a HDD
SSDS (solid state drives or Flash drives) have several advantages over the HDD:

  • Beat twice or until the tripe the performance of a traditional hard drive data access.
  • The time of shutdown of equipment, and the transfer of information / power and applications is much lower.
  • They are very quiet.
  • Consume less energy.
  • It is less likely to damage by not having several distinct parts.
  • They are smaller.

Cheapest place to buy ssd drives

If your intention is to accelerate the startup and shutdown of the operating system and its principal uses a hybrid SSD will do perfectly. This type of drive combines SSD and HDD allowing them to install the operating system and some programs that can benefit from the advantages of solid state disks, while the rest is stored in a traditional hard drive.

The other option is to move completely to the SSD, alternative that becomes dispensable if you want to take care of the money spent, except that your work requires the handling of large files where applications benefit will be strongly by the higher speed of data access.


256 GB discs are those who will have the most interesting prices for most users. Parameter reading and writing speed that occurs is the sequential (so, copy files of several gigabytes from one device to another), to see the random 4K measured in IOPS, block consult the product file.


The choice of the capacity is influenced by many personal factors, but this guide can help you find the model you need and not spend more:

  • 32-64 GB: you have planned to combine the SDD with a HDD. You are interested in a more rapid onset of the operating system and applications.
  • 128- 256 GB: you intend to use only the SSD in a personal computer that you drive mainly office documents.
  • 500 GB: want to install the disk on a shared computer for family use where occasionally images and videos are downloaded.
  • + 500 GB: for professional use of multimedia editing that requires a high-capacity storage for files.

Brands fight to see which has the highest data read and write speed. The truth is that even though the reference is obviously relevant to the end user any SSD will represent a great leap if it comes from a HDD. Speed measurements should be relegated to professionals looking for optimum performance. In addition, shared by the companies data exceed in almost all cases the actual values that are attainable in everyday use.
Choose an SSD not always right is easy because it is a “new” technology that takes just a few years in the market, and less than two years at reasonable prices, but do not let down. So at the end I will give some indications to choose the SSD for quality/price best suited to your needs or whatever you spend on one. They tend to be ideal for laptops as a way to improve performance on Macbook Pros and notebooks in general, Since the Macbook Air and Ultrabooks sold with this type of storage (low consumption and fast boot as great advantages). [banner_abajo]

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