Weather apps for Windows Lumia

Always stay informed of the state of the climate from your Lumia and maximizes your device with these apps climate Lumia with Weather apps for Windows Lumia Your smartphone Lumia with Windows covers all the needs you would expect from a smartphone, because although, thanks to its fast processor and quality of the screen is a perfect entertainment device can also help in such basic tasks as finding a place with maps, get transportation or,something as important as whether going or not going to rain that day, so we leave some apps for Windows that allow you to be aware of climate predictions in your area and you’re always one step ahead.

Weather apps for Windows Lumia
Climate applications have existed since the beginning of the smartphones, but to over the years will have been refined by giving new and useful functions such as applications you mentioned below. The applications listed in this compilation will be similar but among them are looking to differentiate themselves to offer unique experiences to users

AccuWeather – Weather for Life
AccuWeather for Windows is an app which in addition to changing the wallpaper of your Lumia with an image of your city and obviously the climatological information sends you notifications of emergency.

Weather apps for Windows Lumia

Emergency notifications of warn of sudden changes of temperature, rainfall, storms and other changes in the climate of your city so that you are prepared.In addition to the above shows a forecast hourly either day to day as well as showing information complete the cloudiness in your area. It also has a Live Tile for your home screen. Totally recommended. Download it free at your Lumia with Windows from the following link


When we went outside we can find different weather situations that are not consistent with our clothes we choose to walk the streets of the big city. Therefore, to avoid meeting soaked by rain or heated with a jacket mountainmust be taken into the Nokia Lumia different climate applications compatible with the Windows Phone operating system.


4castr is an app for Windows that stands out due to its interface modern matching all the operating system of your Lumia, as well as offer you simple and useful features such as the complete information of the weather on the day with data such as humidity, pressure, visibility, and the heat index.

It gives you a forecast for the next 7 days and also offers information on the radar of Bing to know at which points in your area focuses greater cloud cover.

Vieather The black and orange Viewther interface makes it perfect for those who like dark interface Lumia Windows on your device because it penetrates very well with the system.Vieather also shows weekly weather forecasts in a very simple interface that foretells the minimum and maximum daytime temperature in addition to the chance of precipitation.

Microsoft time The official application like Microsoft gives us a tile dynamics in the home of your Lumia with Windows when it offers a prognosis for hours, for days in addition to various radar maps with temperature, probability of precipitation and cloudiness.You can save your favorite with several cities where you get the weather information, and you can also edit the format tempratura unit in Celsius or Fahrenheit. This official application is configured with your default Microsoft account.

Time TapPlexThis is the simplest implementation of the climate for Windows because as the above,automatically detects your location to show the current climate and rapid forecasting the next six hours besides simply show the weekly weather forecast with maximum and minimum temperatures expected forecast.
Additional information such as sunrise and sunset are also plus barometric pressure and wind speed ofrecidad. Like the above, the application is free. [banner_abajo]

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