Top rated microfiber cleaning cloths

Microfiber cleaning cloths should be one of the most used cleaning tools in your home. Absorbent cloths can be used to clean, remove dust and polish any hard surface. They are an ecological option because they can be used over and over again.

Microfiber rags can clean bathrooms, plates, mirrors, windows, furniture and any other surface. They are thick, ultra-soft, non-abrasive and can absorb a lot of water. They can also minimize the chance of scratching surfaces or leaving scratches and lint behind.

The microfiber is already in most of our houses. We have it in the washcloths, in the mops and even in the towels. There are two types of microfiber according to the path that is applied in the fibers of the same, dividing them between separated fibers or flat; Depending on how the fibers of the textile have joined to create the final product.

What material is microfiber?

This artificial fabric of blended polyester and polyamide fibres (nylon), it is characterized by the fact that its thread is really small, as much as 2 times thinner than silk, 3 times thinner than cotton, 8 times thinner than wool and up to 100 times thinner than human hair.What material is microfiber

Microfiber: Synthetic fibers

Synthetic fibers are a type of textile fiber that is obtained from different products that derive from oil, such as polyester, nylon or spandex, ie, this fiber is entirely chemical. Nowadays the synthetic fibers are used in fashion designs, accessories for the home, medicine, aeronautics, energy industry, etc.

Why buy microfiber?

We’ve created a selection of some of the most used types. Here we show you the most Outstanding:


The microfiber cloth can be used wet or dry for the cleaning of tile floors, synthetic material or parquet. The microfiber cloth attracts dust, hair and dirt thanks to its thousands of ultrafine microfibers that act as a magnet. Also ideal for automotive waxes and polishes, cleaning glasses, cameras, iPads, tablets, LCD screens and other surfaces.


The mop is used in multiple uses, but the most common is for household cleaning. In the market you can find it as a mop, mop, mop, lavasuelos, floor cloth, Mocho stands out because it captures dust particles. Super absorbent. Extra Strong and durable for all types of soils.


The Chamois or microfiber cloth is used in multiple uses, but the most common are the microfiber suede for glasses. Remove dust from your optical surfaces, even from Cds comfortably with the microfiber chamois. Never forget the suede in wallet format when you go out with your camera on the mountain, or with your GoPro for a bike route. You don’t care about mud talk anymore!


Microfiber towels are quick-dry for sport, travel, yoga, bath, kitchen, we find them as swimming towel, compact microfiber towels and pool towels because microfiber towels are absorbent and light, fast drying and Different sizes.


The gloves are used in multiple uses, but the most common for cleaning the CAR. How to wash the car? For washing the car by hand, both for the car’s exterior washing and the car’s interior washing.


Microfiber is a very fine type of synthetic fiber with which a nonwoven textile is manufactured. It is used as microfiber fabrics for upholstering, of different colors, textures and compositions, also microfiber fabric for underwear and sportswear.

Reasons to clean the kitchen with microfiber clothsReasons to clean the kitchen with microfiber cloths

The rags or cloths for cleaning the home capture all the dirt and, consequently, are the perfect place for bacteria and microorganisms to develop. In view of this, we want to tell you why it is good to clean with microfibre cloths:

1. To clean tables:

Cleaning up spills will be easier with microfibre cloths, as they absorb any dirt and, best of all, as they are reusable, you only need to rinse them and hang them up to use them again.

2. Clean windows or metal:

Because they do not leave marks, microfibre is perfect for cleaning surfaces such as windows and metal without leaving any marks. It is also an option for removing fingerprints from refrigerators or microwaves, check it out!

3. Removes dirt from the bathroom:

The fridges will be so shiny just by wiping them with the microfiber cloth. Be sure to wring them out when you’re done to prevent mold from getting trapped.

4. Remove dust from electronics:

Computers, tablets and even cell phones will be cleaned with the microfiber cloth, which is soft enough for these fragile devices and best of all, you won’t damage them.

Microfiber cloths absorb up to seven times their weight, leave no residue or lint, don’t require the addition of any cleaning products and best of all, resist everyday use, which is why you will save on these products.

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