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Is ESPN3/Watch ESPN available with a DIRECTV subscription? No, unfortunately ESPN3/Watch ESPN is not available at this time. DirecTV doesn’t support ESPN3. DirecTV still hasn’t made a deal with ESPN3 to provide it to us. This is ticking me off because I’m missing a GRC race right now.

Update Espn 3 directv channel number

A new deal announced these days among DirecTV and Disney will make reside and on-demand ESPN content material available to subscribers of the satellite service, ultimately extending WatchESPN and ESPN3 to its 20 million subscribers.

The deal will also bring Longhorn Network, ESPN Target Line, and ESPN Buzzer Beater to DirecTV program guides. On-line offerings will consist of, amongst other issues, SEC Network+. On-demand access will involve solutions from ESPN Deportes and ESPN Films.

AT&T Confirms DIRECTV NOW No Longer Offers ESPN3

We cable subscribers have had access to these factors for years (except Longhorn Network, which, hooray?) but this is unquestionably a achievement for men and women whose only reputable tv alternative is DirecTV. espn 3 direct tv spokane update in timeEspn 3 on directv channel number

Espn 3 channel number on hold ,Tonight On The Longhorn Network, It’s Texas Softball Featuring “Great Breasts And Online Fetishes” Tonight On The Longhorn Network, It’s Texas Softball Featuring “Great Breasts And On the internet Fe Tonight On The Longhorn Network, It is Texas So Reader Geoff was engaged in some late-night channel-surfing a few days ago and caught this shocking … Study much more Study more You can study all the PR-spun goodness right here, but the answer to your question “When?” seems to be “early 2015.”

Possible answers and solutions

They’re not just an online service. ESPN3 requires an agreement between your ISP and ESPN in order for you to watch. This may coincide with a cable TV carriage agreement (Time Warner I know for sure.)

With regard to the original question, the more relevant question would be whether you can watch ESPN 3 with your current ISP.

DirectTV has a college bb package it wants its subscribers to buy. Espn3 access would work against this. XBOX Live does not give you access to ESPN3 live sports unless your ISP already does.

Unfortunately, Windstream has stopped providing access to ESPN3, as of today (March 1, 2013). The Windstream representative that I spoke with indicated that it’s because “ESPN3 will no longer broadcast live events”. I spoke with ESPN and they indicated it’s not true. So I don’t know if there’s some misunderstanding between the 2 companies, or it may be that since Windstream (at least in South Carolina) can provide discounted bundles with Dish Network, perhaps that comes into play. I realize that ESPN3 will black out some events that are shown on ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU in the local market, but they assured me that no changes are planned. I’ve emailed Windstream asking them to reconsider; if anyone who reads this is with Windstream and is disappointed, please consider contacting them and perhaps we can convince them to change their mind.

I just have comcast internet and it lets me watch it

just missed the second half of the BYU Virginia game because ESPN switched coverage to 3, just like they did last year. If my hundred bucks a month isn’t enough to get me access to ESPN 3 and Direct doesn’t give a damn, its time to switch to Comcast.

I have had friends tell me that if you do not get the TV service with your ISP in some cases, they (the ISP) will not give you access to I’m not sure if this is fact or fiction? I get TV service currently through AT&T U-Verse as well as Internet and we don’t have an issue with accessing ESPN3.

Since DirecTV doesn’t support / ESPN3, I guess the best “end-around” is to simply DVR the live ESPN programming to watch. Not as good as, since you miss out on the games that aren’t broadcast on the lower-tier packages with DirecTV, but at least something for the consumer who wants to watch ESPN on a mobile device such as an iPad or Android tablet.

You need to research the ? before you try to put it off on something else . You have to have a tv provider to watch espn3 and a lot of other sites.
I can’t get directv apps to work either so I can’t watch it on my tablet.For that much $ you should be able to watch it anywhere

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